Rosenberg eAcademy - Study Ayurveda online

When and where you want

In the eAcademy you can study Ayurveda with different focuses independently with your tablet or laptop and at your own pace. When you want, where you want.

Our Ayurveda experts with many years of experience have digitally prepared their entire knowledge on individual areas of Ayurveda within a year and thus enable you to learn in a completely new way. No frontal teaching, no dull reading, but interactive, intuitive learning that is fun.

You learn in self-study with videos, audio files and interactive manuscripts, supplemented by live e-workshops and live chats. In between, you can check your progress with learning checks. You will be continuously supervised by your personal lecturer. In addition: the course is fully credited in the training system of the European Academy for Ayurveda.

After completion of the eSeminars you will receive a certificate and can continue your Ayurveda training in the eAcademy, in the classroom or webinar classes.

What makes the eAcademy so special?

  • start at any time, flexible timing
  • modern eMagazines
  • varied mix of videos, audios and texts
  • webinars & live chats with your instructors
  • extensive additional material from 27 years of teaching experience
  • constant, personal support from our team
  • usable on smartphone, tablet and computer
  • learn from the best
  • full creditability in the academy's module system
  • certificate after completion

How does the eAcademy work?

Win Silvester explains the concept

Learning formats in the eAcademy


Your professional entry into Ayurveda teaching!

  • The eSeminars correspond to a complete, recognized training module in our program (approx. 34 learning hours).
  • Within your training you can flexibly choose between: presence, webinar and eSeminar.

€ 470


A first immersion into the diverse topics of Ayurveda. The SmartLearning offers you

  • several lessons
  • with up to 4 hours of content.

€ 28

Taster course - free of charge

1 InspirationLesson

  • Does this form of learning suit me?
  • You get a first insight into the eSeminars of the eAcademy and can see which topic appeals to you most.

€ 0

eAcademy offers in the area of basic knowledge

Basic Course 1/2 - Concepts & Disease Factors (ABK)

This Ayurveda basic course is the foundation of every therapeutically oriented training at the European Academy of Ayurveda.

Basic Course 2/2 - Constitution & Healing (ABH)

This Ayurveda basic course is the foundation of every therapeutically oriented training at the European Academy of Ayurveda.

Ayurveda and chronobiology - mastering everyday life without stress

Ayurveda and modern science agree that human health is largely dependent on cyclical rhythms. If we live in harmony with the rhythm of nature, this strengthens health and the immune system.

Ayurveda Basic Course - FREE OF CHARGE

Gain a first insight into the basic seminar "Ayurveda Basic Course".

The roots of Ayurveda - the classical texts and Sanskrit

Immerse yourself in the three great works on which Ayurvedic medicine is based. In addition, you will get an introduction to the ancient Indian script Sanskrit.

eAcademy offers in the field of Ayurveda nutrition

Ayurvedic nutrition according to type (AEI)

In this lively and informative intensive seminar you will gain a comprehensive insight into the multi-layered application of Ayurvedic nutrition for health strengthening as well as for Dosha and Agni balancing.

Spices, herbology, medicine cabinet (APH)

Learn the basics of Ayurvedic herbal medicine Dravyaguna and use your spice cabinet as a medicine cabinet.

Ayurveda cuisine in your everyday life - make it easy

Ayurvedic nutrition in everyday life should taste good, be fun and promote health. How does that work? Find out in this SmartLearning!

The Ayurveda Home Pharmacy - Health Tips and Recipes

Discover proven home remedies for simple ailments, whether headache, stomach ache or cold. Our Ayurveda course is structured as a small encyclopedia from A-Z - as a quick self-help for you and your family.

Ayurveda nutrition according to type - FREE OF CHARGE

Try for free the first lesson of the eModule "Ayurveda nutrition according to type".

Spices, Herbology, Home Pharmacy - FREE of charge

Here you can get first impressions of a single lesson and test the blended learning.

eAcademy offers in the area of women, children and animals

Ayurveda for women and stress-related diseases (AFK)

The Ayurvedic teachings have a wealth of knowledge in women's medicine. The holistic treatment methods, nutritional recommendations and herbal formulations are specially adapted to the needs of (pregnant) women.

Ayurveda and medicine for children (AKH)

Learn the basics and application of Ayurvedic pediatrics. With many examples and suggestions from Ayurvedic practice, parents, educators, therapists and doctors will receive new impulses for dealing with and therapy with children.

Ayurveda & Healing for Children - FREE of charge

Get an insight into our eModule "Ayurveda & Healing for Children" and learn more about the training to become a children's health coach. In this course you can experience an excerpt from the original eSeminar.

Ayurveda for animals - animal health through type-appropriate feeding and husbandry (TIE)

Every animal is different and brings with its constitution certain inclinations and needs. Keeping animals healthy through a constitutionally appropriate life - this is the focus of this eSeminar.

Ayurveda for animals: dietetics, herbs and feed supplements as therapy (TIH)

This eSeminar is dedicated to Ayurvedic therapy of animals using the effects of feeds, feed supplements, herbs and spices.

Taster course: Ayurveda for animals / animal health coach - FREE of charge

Taster course in various lessons of the eSeminar Ayurveda for animals. Let yourself be carried away by the fascination of the application of Ayurveda on our faithful companions.

For which training courses can I already complete 50%+ eAcademy modules?

Ayurveda Health Coach

The Ayurveda Health Coach consists of four modules:

  • Ayurveda Basic Course 1/2 (ABK)
  • Ayurveda Basic Course 2/2 (ABH)
  • Spices, herbology, medicine cabinet (APH)
  • Anamnesis, diagnostic techniques and consultation practice with case studies (AUH)

Three of these modules can already be completed in the eAcademy, further modules can currently be completed via webinar. This means that you can currently complete this training 100% online!

I would like to give you a big compliment. I use the eSeminars as a repetition and refresher for my course as an Ayurveda specialist. I just say: these seminars have addictive potential!!! You can feel that each seminar has been built with a lot of love and heart. The methodology is very varied, so that learning is very easy and totally fun. The beautiful pictures with the entertaining but very informative texts, as well as the instructive videos, are a feast for the eyes. I always look forward to the quiz at the end after every single topic. These are also very varied and you know right away where you stand. Super! Since I come from Switzerland, I can now repeat all the topics again, whenever, wherever and for as long as I want. I love it!

Sandra Anliker Ayurvedic therapist, professional masseuse, foot reflexology therapist, Ayurvedic animal health coach, course leader