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Ayurveda online seminars suitable for your life

Experience digital learning in a new way!

How does digital, smart learning work in the 21st century?

We asked ourselves this question in 2019 and extensively searched for a suitable answer. We found a sustainable solution in the Rosenberg eAcademy, which we have been offering you as an eLearning platform since 2020.

It was important to us that the online courses can be optimally integrated into your life, that we can accompany you well in the learning process and that we can attractively present and prepare the extensive Ayurveda learning content in the eLearnings.

Why are the Ayurveda online courses of the eAcademy right for me?

  1. You learn at your own pace

    Completely independent of time and place, all learning content is available to you for two years. Whether on your smartphone, tablet or PC. Study Ayurveda when and where you want...

  2. You learn interactively and intuitively

    The prepared eLearnings have a lot to offer: Videos, audios, interactive pictures, puzzles and quizzes bring you closer to the extensive knowledge in a charming way - (almost) all senses are addressed!

  3. You do not learn alone

    In webinars and live chats, your instructors are available to exchange questions and exercises with fellow students. In addition, the forum is open to you at all times. Together it is simply more fun!

  4. You can try it for free

    Before you decide on a whole eLearning, you can use our trial courses for 30 days to get a first impression of how it works. Just give it a try!

  5. You learn from the best

    Many international and national Ayurveda experts have prepared their Ayurveda expertise of the last decades in an accessible and intuitive way for you. Nowhere else will you find this knowledge so compact and at the same time well-founded and profound.

  6. You get a certified degree

    For each seminar you will receive a certificate of attendance. In the eModules you will be taught the same extensive knowledge as in the classroom modules of the European Academy of Ayurveda, you will even receive a lot of additional material. When booking an Ayurveda training, the e-modules will be fully credited to you. Once you have completed all modules of a training, you will receive your certificate.

  7. You will be optimally prepared

    You can check your level of knowledge at any time between the individual chapters. Learning checks, questionnaires and quizzes prepare you for your online exam in a varied and holistic way.

  8. You can start immediately

    Here you don't have to wait for the next training start. With eLearning, you can start right away and simply select the webinars that suit your schedule.

Info Talk

How do I learn Ayurveda with the eAcademy?

At the online info-talk you will learn everything you want to know. The next event is on December 28, 2022 - register now for free!

How do the Ayurveda online courses of the eAcademy work?

Win Silvester explains the concept to you

I think the e-academy is great. So I can also learn from the experienced, great Ayurveda experts also from the USA ❤️ and I am a big friend of self-study 😊.


Learning formats in the eAcademy

In the eAcademy you will find three different formats: to try out, to get started and to deepen your knowledge.


Your professional entry into Ayurveda teaching!

  • The eSeminars correspond to a complete, recognized training module in our program (approx. 34 learning hours).
  • Within your training you can flexibly choose between: presence, webinar and eSeminar.

€ 470

Taster course - free of charge

1 Inspiration Lesson

  • Does this form of learning suit me?
  • You get a first insight into the eAcademy's eSeminars and can see which topic particularly appeals to you.

€ 0

Courses for basic Ayurveda knowledge

You want a well-founded, exciting and practice-oriented introduction to Ayurveda? Whether out of personal interest for your own broadening of horizons or as a basis for a later vocation: the Ayurveda Basic Knowledge is the right start.

Basic Course 1/2 - Concepts & Disease Factors (ABK)

This basic Ayurveda course is the foundation of any therapeutically oriented training at the European Academy of Ayurveda.

Basic Course 2/2 - Constitution & Healing (ABH)

This basic Ayurveda course is the foundation of any therapeutically oriented training at the European Academy of Ayurveda.

Seeing with the heart - Introduction to Ayurvedic psychology (APE)

Ayurveda knows: Every person is unique. This seminar shows you ways to recognize your own potential and to support people in life counseling according to their constitution.

Ayurveda Basic Course - FREE of charge

Gain a first insight into the basic seminar "Ayurveda Basic Course".

I think this basic course is super successful and I will certainly use the opportunity to read up on it often in the near future. I feel that this is a huge advantage over the face-to-face seminar. But I also wouldn't want to miss the attendance times in Birstein.

Bettina H.

Courses on Ayurveda nutrition

Ayurvedic nutrition as an online course: learn to understand the principles of Ayurvedic nutrition and adapt them to your individual life situation. Here you will learn why nutrition is not only food, but crucial for health, well-being and satisfaction. Each food is said to have special properties. You learn to use food for your health.

Ayurvedic nutrition according to type (AEI)

In this lively and informative intensive seminar you will get a comprehensive insight into the complex application of Ayurvedic nutrition for health strengthening as well as for Dosha and Agni balancing.

Spices, Herbology, Home Pharmacy (APH)

Learn the basics of Ayurvedic herbal medicine Dravyaguna and use your spice cabinet as a medicine cabinet.

Ayurvedic Nutrition True to Type - FREE OF CHARGE

Try for free the first lesson of the eModule "Ayurvedic Nutrition True to Type".

I found the wealth of material very enriching. Especially the supplementary lectures and research studies were very instructive and made up for the fact that the course unit was not analog. The learning was very enjoyable due to the different learning methods and materials.

Anja D.

Ayurveda for animals

Ayurveda for animals - feeding and keeping according to type (TIE)

Every animal is different and brings with its constitution certain inclinations and needs. Keeping animals healthy by living according to their constitution - this is the focus of this eSeminar.

Taster Course: Ayurveda for Animals / Animal Health Coach - FREE of charge

Taster course in different lessons of the eSeminar Ayurveda for animals. Let yourself be carried away by the fascination of the application of Ayurveda on our faithful companions.

You have questions?

Principal Ingelore Weidner and her team

Book training advice online

You don't know yet which module or which training is the right one for you? You have further questions about the eAcademy? We will be happy to answer them in a zoom call.

Professional Ayurveda trainings

Become an Ayurveda Expert - Your next steps

Many of our participants have discovered Ayurveda as a profession for themselves. Get a degree and show the world what you can do!

With an eLearning course you have already laid the foundation, because each module is also part of a complete training at the European Academy of Ayurveda. So it can go further for you:

Ayurveda Health Coach

The Ayurveda Health Coach is composed of four modules:

  • Ayurveda Basic Course 1/2 (ABK)
  • Ayurveda Basic Course 2/2 (ABH)
  • Spices, herbs and oils in Ayurveda therapy (APH)
  • Anamnesis, diagnostic techniques and consultation practice with case studies (AUH)

Three of these modules you can already complete in the eAcademy, the module AUH you attend on site or as a webinar. Thus, you can complete this training 100% online at the moment!

Ayurveda Mental Coach

The Ayurveda Mental Coach is composed of four modules:

  • Seeing with the heart - Ayurveda psychology according to type (APE)
  • Ayurveda basic course part 1: Concepts and disease factors (ABK)
  • Ayurveda Basic Course Part 2: Constitution and Healing (ABH)
  • Communication and Coaching for Ayurvedic Counseling Practice (AKO)

Two of these modules you can already book in the eAcademy, further modules you can attend as desired via webinar or as a presence seminar. So you can complete this training 100% online at the moment!

Your lecturers at the eAcademy

International and national Ayurveda experts have written and compiled the manuscripts for the eModules and prepared them intuitively for you. Enriched with many videos and audios (also from the last symposium years) you will experience the traditional Ayurveda knowledge in a completely new way. Each subject area has its own expert.

Prof. Dr. S.N. Gupta

Ayurveda Basic Knowledge & Psychology

Chief Physician at P.D. Patel Ayurveda Hospital, Nadiad as well as Professor at J.S. Ayurveda College

Prof. Dr. Martin Mittwede

Ayurveda Basic Knowledge & Psychology

Director of studies Ayurveda Medicine, Indologist, Religious Scientist

Kerstin Rosenberg

Ayurveda nutrition and psychology

Ayurveda specialist, book author

Win New Year's Eve

Ayurveda basic knowledge, -psychology, -nutrition

Health Manager (MA), Medical Ayurveda Specialist


Prof. Dr. Tanuja Nesari

Ayurvedic Nutrition

Ayurvedic physician, professor, general director AIIA

Stephanie Albert

Ayurvedic nutrition, Ayurvedic phytotherapy

Ayurvedic nutrition therapist, masseuse and cook

Ram Manohar MD (Ayu)

Ayurvedic Psychology & Therapy

Ayurvedic doctor and pharmacologist

I would like to give you a big compliment. I use the eSeminars as a repetition and refresher for my course as an Ayurveda specialist. I just say: these seminars have addictive potential!!! You can feel that each seminar has been built with a lot of love and heart. The methodology is very varied, so that learning is very easy and totally fun. The beautiful pictures with the entertaining but very informative texts, as well as the instructive videos, are a feast for the eyes. I always look forward to the quiz at the end after each individual topic. These are also very varied and you know immediately where you stand. Super! Since I come from Switzerland, I can now repeat all the topics again and when, where and how long I want. I love it!

Sandra Anliker Ayurvedic therapist, professional masseuse, foot reflexology therapist, Ayurvedic animal health coach, course instructor.