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Ayurvedic cooking like a pro

In the Ayurvedic tradition, cooks are called alchemists of life energy. They have mastered the science of Ayurvedic cooking and it is in their hands to turn foods into remedies. At the same time, Ayurvedic cooking is creative, varied and delicious,

Learn the art of Ayurvedic cooking to tailor tasty dishes to your individual constitution and the seasons. With harmonious forms of preparation and the expert use of spices, you create directly tangible life energy for body, mind and soul.

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- Techniques of Ayurveda cooking: roasting and cooking methods, harmonizing menu components, preparation of dal, rice, vegetables, soups, chutney and spreads
- Practice of creative Ayurveda cooking for all constitution types and seasons
- Ayurveda healing food and special diets: Panchakarma cuisine, recipe variations for food intolerances and for vegans
- type-appropriate recipes and creations for the three main meals, conception for Ayurveda menus and buffets
- Kitchen management and quantity calculation for spa and seminar catering

For whom?

Hobby and professional chefs, nutritionists, health coaches and everyone who likes to cook


Udo Schneider

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Seminar fee from € 875

Please note the price information at the respective module dates.

plus accommodation and meals - only for attendance dates in Birstein

Guest houses are available on the campus of the European Academy of Ayurveda. For your overnight stay during the training you can choose from rooms of different categories. Ayurvedic full board from our organic kitchen is included in the room price.

Final payment

By invoice: Due 14 days before the start of the seminar

Seminar locations and structure in Birstein, Zurich and Vienna

The cooking school in Birstein takes place outside the European Academy of Ayurveda: Dorfgemeindehaus, Salzbachstr. 7, 36399 Freiensteinau - Hess. Radmühl (about 12 km from the campus)

In Switzerland and Austria, the cooking school is divided into 5 individual days. You can find the dates here on our homepage:ße%20Ayurveda%20Kochschule%20(CH-AT)

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Required previous knowledge:

5 Days 54 learning hrs of which 37,5 hrs presence

from € 875
Plus board and lodging if applicable

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