Kati-Prusta - realignment of spine and pelvis

Authentic Ayurvedic therapies for the back

If one leg is shorter than the other, this can lead to a range of health problems, including pain in the neck, back, hips and legs. Affected clients often have a long history of suffering and have spent a lot of time trying to reach an accurate diagnosis.

In this seminar, experienced massage practitioner Amarjeet S. Bhamra will provide training in the KatiPrusta method. He will teach techniques to realign the spine and pelvis. The treatments will be fully clothed and non-invasive. All participants will have the opportunity to work on each other.

In particular, KatiPrusta has led to therapeutic success with the following issues:
- pain and back problems
- spinal conditions
- headaches and migraines
- leg length discrepancies
- sciatica pelvic problems.

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- Overview of Ayurvedic bodywork
- History and development of Kati Prusta
- Preparation, protection and meditation
- Working with the matrix of chakras, nadis, prana and marma
- Therapist and client care, ethics
- Consultation and massage procedure
- Anatomy, physiology and oils
- Indications and contra-indications
- Treatment errors
- Recommendations for aftercare

For whom?

Ayurvedic practitioners, therapists, physicians and all those interested in Ayurvedic massage


Amarjeet S. Bhamra

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Seminar fee from € 495

Please note the price information at the respective module dates.

plus accommodation and meals - only for attendance dates in Birstein

Guest houses are available on the campus of the European Academy of Ayurveda. For your overnight stay during the training you can choose from rooms of different categories. Ayurvedic full board from our organic kitchen is included in the room price.


Rosenberg gGmbH - European Academy for Ayurveda | D-63633 Birstein

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Required previous knowledge:

3 Days
22.5 hours attendance
45 learning hours

€ 495
Plus board and lodging if applicable

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