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New impulses for health - live from the spa center

Healthy Friday
Every 1st Friday of the month we give new inspiration for health with a free Ayurveda consultation from the Rosenberg Kur- und Gesundheitszentrum in Birstein.

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3. March - May 5 - July 7 - October 6, 2023
Directly from the therapy center, our Ayurveda experts provide insights into Ayurveda practice and explain the therapy strategies and fields of action of Ayurveda medicine using concrete case studies.

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- Experience Ayurveda live - during the "online consultation" from the Birstein spa center
- Use of spices and herbs for health
- Insight into Ayurvedic nutrition therapy
- Ayurvedic experts report from their therapy practice
- Q&A - Ayurveda "consultation" for personal questions


Kerstin Rosenberg Porträt
Kerstin Rosenberg

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