Padam Abhyanga - special techniques of Indian foot massage

Your feet - the gateway to heaven

In Ayurveda, the feet are the energetic gateway to the organ systems of the body. Thousands of nerve endings connect the soles of the feet directly with each organ, body part and individual glands. Each foot is unique and reflects the individual constitution of the person in its shape and form.

The art of traditional Ayurvedic foot massage is based on a precise treatment technique, which individually adjusts the pressure, speed and exercise of the various massage strokes to balance the Dosha equilibrium.
By stimulating the Marmas (energy centers) and Nadis (energy pathways), the healing power of the massage flows through the entire body, leading to deep relaxation and regeneration. In Ayurvedic therapy, foot massage is also used to treat back, shoulder and neck pain, migraines, diabetes, digestive problems and depression.

Vaidya Amarjeet Bhamra teaches traditional Ayurvedic foot massage with clarity, precision and sensitivity. Thereby training the diagnostic view and spiritual dimension for a holistic therapy process, in which the hands learn to touch and treat body, mind and soul through the feet.

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- Introduction to the ayurvedic typography of the feet
- Intensive practice of ayurvedic foot massage under professional guidance
- Treatment variations according to personal constitution and complaints
- Accompanying stories from Indian mythology, yoga and meditation

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Ayurveda practitioners, therapists, medical practitioners as well as interested people without previous knowledge


Amarjeet S. Bhamra

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Seminar fee from € 495

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Guest houses are available on the campus of the European Academy of Ayurveda. For your overnight stay during the training you can choose from rooms of different categories. Ayurvedic full board from our organic kitchen is included in the room price.


Rosenberg gGmbH - European Academy for Ayurveda | D-63633 Birstein

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3 Days
22.5 hours attendance
45 learning hours

€ 495
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