Purging procedure (Pancakarma)

Eliminative therapies are a central area of in-depth clinical Ayurvedic treatment. We want to free the body from disease-causing stress factors. These effective procedures must be very precisely coordinated and applied to the individual patient with great sensitivity. We will look at the different phases in detail and experience individual methods of elimination on our own bodies. For the professional execution we learn not only the application of the classical Pancakarma therapies, but also a structured and individually oriented therapy planning.

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- panchakarma: meaning, mode of action, procedure
- explanations from a modern medical point of view
- general indications and contraindications
- preparatory phase: dissolution and mobilization of pathogenic factors by oiling and sudation
- indications, contraindications and, if necessary. Performance of
◦ Emesis (vamana)
◦ Purgation (virecana)
◦ Decoction and oil enemas (basti)
◦ Nasocranial treatments (nasya)
◦ Blood withdrawal (raktamokshama)
- Post-treatment, Resting phase and build-up diet
- Use of pancakarma in outpatient practice
- Treatment strategies based on cases and test persons


Dr. Shivenarain Gupta Porträt
Prof. Dr. Shivenarain Gupta

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