Ayurveda phytotherapy for skin diseases

Ayurvedic natural cosmetics from your garden

This seminar in Ayurvedic Phythotherapy combines Western and Ayurvedic herbal medicine to utilize the local wealth of medicinal plants for Ayurvedic treatment practice.

According to the classical Ayurvedic scriptures, the healing powers of those substances that are found

the healing powers of those substances grow best in the immediate environment of the sick person.

In this sense we want to consciously perceive native medicinal plants, wild herbs, fruits, barks and roots in their nature and signature, classify them according to Ayurvedic principles and process them as effective remedies.

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- ayurvedic treatment, pathogenesis, dosha symptoms and
formulations for skin diseases (Krustha)
- soap substances - mode of action, botany, application and
forms of preparation
- produce skin care products according to type with local medicinal plants
- practical production of ayurvedic formulations with traditional and
local medicinal herbs for the treatment of skin diseases

For whom?

Nutritionists, health coaches, therapists, cooks, physicians and all those who would like to use native plants in an Ayurvedic way.


Dr. med. Kalyani Nagersheth

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Seminar fee from € 340

Please note the price information at the respective module dates.

plus accommodation and meals - only for attendance dates in Birstein

Guest houses are available on the campus of the European Academy of Ayurveda. For your overnight stay during the training you can choose from rooms of different categories. Ayurvedic full board from our organic kitchen is included in the room price.


Rosenberg gGmbH - European Academy for Ayurveda | D-63633 Birstein

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Required previous knowledge:

2 Days
15 hours attendance
30 learning hours

€ 340
Plus board and lodging if applicable

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