Ayurveda trainings

With a training at the European Academy for Ayurveda you rely on more than 25 years of experience. A large team of lecturers shares its wealth of knowledge with you, regardless of whether you are just starting out or would like to do an Ayurveda training. To help you reach your goal quickly, we have divided our training courses into manageable packages: You can graduate in as little as 12 days and then build on your qualification step by step.

Gain new knowledge and personal perspectives with the Ayurvedic art of healing and living!

Topics for your Ayurveda or Yoga education

Would you prefer a seminar?

From Ayurveda cooking classes to pulse diagnosis, our Ayurveda seminars bring you intensive knowledge in just a few days.

Ayurveda Seminar

You have created such a wonderful place in Birstein for healing on all levels. I would immediately start this training again at any time - it was one of the best decisions of my life!

Nelly Grandel Ayurveda health and nutrition consultant

Why an Ayurveda training?

Ayurveda can enrich you on many levels. The knowledge of life opens the door to a life that suits you and your constitution. In short:

Ayurveda makes you happy!

And there are even more reasons why a training at the European Academy of Ayurveda makes sense.

  1. A profession with meaning

    Do you dream of making another change? To have more joy in your job, to find your calling? A training with Ayurveda can open the door to completely new professional fields, in medicine or therapy, in counseling or as a yoga teacher.

  2. Ayurveda as advanced training

    If you already work in medicine or therapy, discover how you can usefully complement your expertise with Ayurveda. The holistic treatments can be combined very well with modern medicine - from herbal medicine to drainage and manual therapy.

  3. Strengthen your own health

    Use Ayurveda to stay healthy! Start the day with the morning routine, eat according to your type... The Ayurvedic tips and tricks can be easily integrated into everyday life and give you vitality and joie de vivre. Your body will thank you.

  4. Ayurveda students
  5. Impulses from experts

    Experiencing new things and learning from great personalities - this motivates many participants to come to us. Ayurveda holds many new experiences for you and no one can bring them to you better than our instructors who have been practicing and teaching it for many years.

  6. Live your constitution!

    What do you need for a happy life? The answer is hidden in your constitution. Vata, Pitta, Kapha and their mixed types determine who you are. Adjust your lifestyle accordingly!

  7. help people

    Ayurveda is the "knowledge of life", and accordingly it is always about people. To heal them, to advise them, to accompany them is often behind the desire to work with Ayurveda.

  8. share interests

    On the academy campus, friendships are made for life. Here you will meet people who are open to your ideas and perhaps even share your view of the world. Look forward to exchanging ideas and moving forward together with them.

Flexible study with the modular system

The educational offer of the European Academy for Ayurveda is modular. This makes you flexible: Decide for yourself how and when you want to learn Ayurveda.

Trainings for Ayurveda beginners and experts

With each training module, you can see at first glance whether it conveys basic knowledge or deepens existing knowledge:

Modules to get started
Modules in progress
Competence modules
Completion of training

Presence seminar

Birstein, Berlin, Frankfurt, Vienna and Zurich - the Academy is wherever its participants are. In the Ayurveda classes on site you get first-hand knowledge, directly from the charismatic lecturers of the academy and in exchange with your fellow students.


In our webinars you take part in the lessons live and online. You enter a virtual classroom via a professional, easy-to-use tool. There you can actively participate in the lessons and ask the instructor questions.


The alternative for all those who want to be completely flexible in terms of time and place: You learn via your notebook or tablet in self-study with videos, audio files and interactive manuscripts.

Choose your own dates

We often offer face-to-face and web seminars on different days of the year. So you're sure to find a date when you have time.

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Start immediately with an introductory seminar

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The modules of a training course can also be booked individually as a seminar. Like in a modular system, the modules fit together to form a training. That means for you:

  • You can first participate in only one seminar and later have it credited to a training.
  • Or you can select exactly those modules from a training course that are of interest to you.

Inform and register

Any questions?

Then let's talk about them – our office team is there to help and advise you.

Order annual programme

The printed program of the academy comes to your home by mail and is full of ideas for your next step with Ayurveda: Find your start with a training or choose an advanced training that complements your skills.

Visit info day - live or online

Get to know us and Ayurveda! On several dates throughout the year we invite you to an open campus, as a virtual event or on site in Birstein. Or you can come to an information meeting at our City Spots in Frankfurt, Vienna, Zurich or Lucerne.

Look forward to exciting lectures, a guided tour and, of course, information about the Academy's training programs. Simply register and participate free of charge.

The success stories of our graduates

Ayurveda and its possibilities - learn more about the different paths of our graduates. We are impressed how individually and purposefully our alumni apply their knowledge and realize themselves in a new way.