Ayurveda Psychology - Meditation

You want to understand people in their uniqueness and learn to see with the heart? Our training courses in Ayurvedic psychology show you how to strengthen your mental health in a way that is appropriate to your physical and mental constitution. Use the psychological and spiritual therapies of Ayurveda to accompany people in their life questions and crises and to counsel them in case of psychological and psychosomatic complaints.

To become an Ayurveda Mental Coach, you can attend classroom courses in Birstein, Vienna or Lucerne or take part in our online training. If you would like to extend your qualification, you can complete the postgraduate course as a psychological counsellor.

If you are particularly interested in the spiritual aspects, you can train as a meditation leader at the Academy.

Training courses to get started

Training for certified

Meditation Leader

In the meditation leader training you will embark on a journey to the core of your being.

  • Suitable as a retreat for yourself or to teach mindfulness training to others.
  • With an intensive practice, you will immerse yourself in different meditation techniques and learn how to guide them.
  • As a therapist, coach or yoga teacher, meditation can meaningfully complement your professional skills.
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Ayurvedic Psychology - How to get your certificate

Grafik Ayurveda Bildungsweg Psychologie Ayurveda Mental Coach Psychological Ayurveda Consultant
Grafik Bildungsweg Psychologie Ayurveda Mental Coach Psychological Ayurveda Consultant

But first a single seminar?

Yes, you can. You can get started easily with an initial course. Then the training can come - and what you have already learned, we count on the training price.

Basic courses for the Psychological Ayurveda Consultant & Meditation Leader