Training Ayurveda Massage and Therapy

Are you a head person or do you prefer to work with your hands? If you decide to train in Ayurvedic massage and therapy, you will learn to trust the feeling of your hands. You follow the energy pathways(Nadis) of the body and feel how the healing power of your touch and warm oil affect the person being treated.

Learn Ayurvedic massage in a professional way: Our holistic teaching methods will build your skills in the many massage techniques of Ayurveda. You will also be able to apply expert oil treatments and marma therapies, embedded in a treatment strategy appropriate to your type. You will combine sensitive massage art with advisory competence in health coaching to enjoyable wellness therapies.

Training courses to get started

Ayurveda professions - Austria and Switzerland

Massage and therapy - How to get your certificate

Grafik Ayurveda Massage Ausbildung Ayurveda Wellness Practitioner Ayurveda Massage Practitioner Ayurveda Therapist Ayurveda Health Coach
Grafik Ayurveda Bildungsweg Massage Ayurveda Health Coach Ayurveda-Wellness-Praktiker Ayurveda-Massage-Praktiker Ayurveda-Therapeut

Or a seminar first?

Start now with a massage seminar to discover Ayurveda for yourself. And if you like it, just keep going, because the modules can later be credited to your training.

Introductory courses Ayurveda Massage