HP (Psych) Karin Bachmaier

Karin Bachmaier
Physio- and Ayurveda therapist, alternative practitioner (psychotherapy)

Karin Bachmeier is an Ayurveda, Kalari and Sukshma Marma therapist as well as a non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy. As a lecturer, the trained physiotherapist enriches the European Academy of Ayurveda with her over 25 years of experience in manual therapy patient care, including from her own practice in Eichendorf/Lower Bavaria.

Educational offer with HP (Psych) Karin Bachmaier


Postgraduate studies: medically certified and university certified

Ayurvedic Nutrition Therapist

Take your expertise to the next level with professional dietetics:

  • Specialized continuing education for trained Ayurvedic physicians, therapists, and nutritionists.
  • Use food specifically as medicine: from intolerances to psychological complaints
  • Highlight: Crown your knowledge with a university certificate on a study trip to India.
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Training for certified

Meditation Leader

In the meditation leader training you will embark on a journey to the core of your being.

  • Suitable as a retreat for yourself or to teach mindfulness training to others.
  • With an intensive practice, you will immerse yourself in different meditation techniques and learn how to guide them.
  • As a therapist, coach or yoga teacher, meditation can meaningfully complement your professional skills.
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