Network and Ayurveda Partner

Cooperation with universities and clinics

The European Academy of Ayurveda maintains intensive contacts with scientific and health institutions in India and Europe. In order to provide a framework for the joint work, the Academy has concluded cooperation agreements (MoU - Memorandum of Understanding) with the most important Ayurveda institutions in the field of research and education.

Partners in India

  • Of special importance for the work of the Academy is the long-standing relationship with the Ayurveda College and Hospital of the Gujarat Medical Society in Nadiad under the direction of Prof. Dr. S.N. Gupta.
  • Moreover, the Academy is the only educational institute in the West to have signed a partnership agreement with the All India Institute of Ayurveda, the apex institute for Ayurveda of the Federal Government of India.
  • This is equally true for India's largest and oldest institution of higher learning, Banaras Hindu University in Varanasi.
  • The academy is also well networked in South India and cooperates with traditional Ayurvedic institutions in Kerala, such as the AVP Trust in Coimbatore.
Map India

MoU with the All India Institute of Ayurveda (AIIA) in Delhi, which is affiliated to the Ministry of AYUSH of the Indian government.


Cooperation partner of the Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar


Cooperation partner of Banaras Hindu University, Institute of Medical Science, Faculty of Ayurveda, Varanasi, the leading Ayurveda University in India

MoU with Tilak Ayurveda College, Pune

MoU with Arya Vaidya Ayurvedic Research Foundation in the field of research and education, Coimbatore

Cooperation with the All India Institute of Ayurveda

TheAcademy is the only educational institution in the West to have received the special recognition of a partnership agreement with the All India Institute of Ayurveda (AIIA), the apex institute for Ayurveda of the Government of India. There is a scientific exchange with this institute as well as a partnership in terms of research projects.

This opens up possibilities for students of Ayurvedic medicine to deepen their knowledge in Ayurveda or even to deal with Ayurveda on an academic level. In this association of recognized centers of knowledge, Ayurveda can be studied authentically and practically at the European Academy of Ayurveda.

Picture left: Study tour 2020, which led to the AIIA, among other places.

Partner in Europe

In Europe, the European Academy of Ayurveda qualified as a university partner of Middlesex University (London). An open partnership with the endowed professorship for clinical naturopathy of the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin enriches our study of Ayurvedic medicine. In addition, the Academy has been working successfully for many years with the Heilpraktikerschule Lucerne and, in cooperation with the IHK Hanau, offers an IHK certificate course to become an Ayurveda/Yoga Health Coach (IHK).


- VEAT - Association of European Ayurvedic Physicians and Therapists e.V. (Germany) - ADAVED - Ayurveda Dachverband Deutschland (Germany) - ÖDA - Österreichischer Dachverband für Ayurveda (Austria) - TO Ayu CH - Träger Organisation Ayurveda (Switzerland) - VSAMT - Verband Schweizer Ayurveda-Mediziner und -Therapeuten (Switzerland) - AMVS - Ayurveda-Medizin Verband Schweiz (Switzerland) - INDRA - International Network for Development & Research in Ayurveda (India/EU)

Europakarte Punkte

Partner of Middlesex University, London (UK). The University is also a MoU partner of the Department of AYUSH of the Federal Government of India.


Cooperation with the HPS Heilpraktikerschule Lucerne in the field of training for the federally certified naturopath Ayurveda medicine as well as complementary therapist Ayurveda therapy in Switzerland.


Cooperation with the IHK Hanau in the course of an IHK-certificate course to become an Ayurveda-/Yoga-Health-Coach (IHK)


MoU with the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Latvia on the exchange of teaching staff and students

MoU with Ayurvedic Point, Milan (Italy) in the field of research, education and congress organisation

Cooperation with the endowed professorship for clinical naturopathy of the Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Prof. Dr. Andreas Michalsen, as well as the Immanuel Krankenhaus Berlin in the field of research and medical training of Ayurveda as Integrative Medicine

International Ayurveda Symposium

The symposium has a long tradition: Since 1999, the Academy has been organising the specialist congress for the Ayurveda community in Europe every year in September. Over 250 medical practitioners, consultants and therapists come together on this platform to deepen their expertise and learn about new findings from practice and science.

Be there and look forward to:

  • Ayurvedic doctors and professors of international repute from India and Europe.
  • more than 40 lectures, panel discussions and workshops
  • a lively exchange with colleagues
  • the exhibition at our Ayurveda market place

Ayurvedic medicine in the Infothek

What can Ayurveda do for the health of patients - preventively or in therapy? For which clinical pictures are Ayurvedic treatments suitable? Our Infothek presents the basics of Ayurvedic medicine and gives insights into therapeutic approaches.

Continuing Medical Education

A program especially for doctors who want to use Ayurveda as a complementary medicine. The advanced training comprises 30 days. So far, about 140 CME points could be acquired.

Study of Ayurvedic Medicine

Well-founded knowledge for doctors, alternative practitioners and medical professions, aligned with the standards of Indian universities. A 30-day basic and main course each depict Ayurveda as a complex medical system, supplemented by clinical internships. The most thorough way to study Ayurveda in Europe!