who we are

The European Academy for Ayurveda introduces itself

Since 1993 the academy has been following its vision of bringing people into contact with traditional medicine from India. The founders Mark and Kerstin Rosenberg have created a place in Birstein where participants can learn and experience Ayurveda in all its facets: Around a historical forester's house in Vogelsberg (Hesse) is a < strong>modern educational institution emerged, with locations in Austria and the Switzerland and a digital eAcademy . A lively Ayurveda spa center borders directly on the campus. In this way, teaching and applied therapy go hand in hand - unique in Europe.

The training courses, seminars and Ayurveda training courses cover a wide range of topics related to healthy living, including:

  • Ayurvedic medicine
  • Ayurvedic massage and therapy
  • Nutrition and herbal medicine
  • Psychology
  • Yoga

It is entirely up to the participants how they want to use the educational program: For their own health care - from Ayurvedic cooking to a type-specific lifestyle. Or for work - via special programs for career changers or for medical professionals. Numerous career examples of our graduates give an insight into the diverse possibilities of professional development with Ayurveda. In this sense, the Academy is recognized as a non-profit organization .

Study and experience Ayurveda

9 good reasons why you are at the right place at the European Academy for Ayurveda

  1. Zukunftsorientiert lernen: Online und vor Ort

    In many modules, the participants can decide for themselves whether they prefer to learn in the classic face-to-face class or in a live webinar . If you want to be completely independent in terms of time and space, you will achieve your goal with the new Rosenberg eAcademy, which relies on digital learning training .

  2. Ein Campus mit Flair im Herzen von Deutschland

    The lively center of our academy is in Birstein (Hessen). Here you will meet people who inspire you. You are surrounded by the atmosphere of a house that was designed in the spirit of the Vedic architecture Vastu Shastra - an ideal setting to make new experiences on your career and life path.

    Ayurveda student campus
  3. Flexibel bleiben mit dem Modulsystem

    Follow your own curriculum! The order, times and locations of the modules are flexible in many courses. You can put the individual building blocks together in a way that best fits into your life.

  4. Zertifizierte Qualität

    As a participant, you benefit from the high demands we place on the quality of our teaching. The academy has been ISO certified for many years and thus proves annually that it meets the strict requirements of ISO DIN 29990. In addition, we carry the seal of Further Education Hessen and ÖCert .

  5. Anerkannte Abschlüsse

    A certificate from the European Academy for Ayurveda stands for quality. This gives you access to the important Ayurveda professional associations, for example the VEAT (Association of European Ayurveda Doctors and Therapists) or - for doctors - the DÄGAM (German Medical Association for Ayurvedic medicine). We also offer recognized professional training in Austria and Switzerland. Together with the IHK Hanau , we award the degree of Ayurveda and Yoga Health Coach (IHK).

  6. Herausragende Dozenten

    Learn from the best! The academy's teaching staff is unique in Europe in terms of its Ayurvedic competence. We work with a large team of lecturers from Europe and India . They all have many years of professional experience and in-depth knowledge in their respective fields . With this variety of teachers you will get to know Ayurveda in various facets. Let yourself be inspired and excited by charismatic personalities.

  7. Transfer in die Praxis

    The academy's lecturers live what they teach. They have been practicing for many years themselves and let their wealth of experience flow into their lessons so that you always have an eye on practical application. In Ayurveda therapy, medicine and cooking, an internship is an integral part of the training , for example at the Ayurveda health and spa center in Birstein. In this way you gain security for your own practice.

  8. Mentoring

    What can your very personal path with Ayurveda look like, be it professionally or for yourself? The best way to clarify such questions is in a dialogue with us. Therefore, individual mentoring is included in your training. Just make an appointment for it.

  9. Internationale Partnerschaften

    The field of experience of Ayurvedic medicine is growing steadily. That is why our close contacts to universities and clinics in India and in Europe are so important. Through this lively exchange, the knowledge that we impart at the academy remains always up-to-date and ensures our quality standards.

Our story

Mark and Kerstin Rosenberg tell

In the beginning there was a vision: To create a place where Ayurveda and Yoga are lived and taught. What was still missing was a place where we could realize our plan. In the small village of Birstein-Obersotzbach, 70 km from the gates of Frankfurt, we finally found what we were looking for: a historic forester's house under monument protection, surrounded by beautiful nature. After the first inspection, we drove home with the feeling: That's it!

From forester's house to international academy

Mark: We bought the house and started renovating it. Fortunately, my father was an architect and was able to support us. We financed the project with an idea that would be called "crowd funding" today: family, friends and even some of our craftsmen lent us small amounts. Together with our own resources, that was enough to gradually transform the forester's house with its old barn into a small seminar center.

Kerstin: Yes, we had a seminar room, a kitchen with a dining room and a guest house for the participants. And of course the old forester's house, into which we moved ourselves and where our three children grew up later. Today we use it for the office space, but in some places the old structures still shine through. At that time we would never have dreamed that a modern, international academy would develop from this.

Mark: That's right. The focus has always been on bringing yoga and Ayurveda to Europe in an integrative and non-dogmatic way so that people can also benefit from this wealth of knowledge here. Ayurveda has so many facets: traditional medicine, oil massages, herbal therapies, nutrition ... Even small, simple Ayurveda measures can do so much for your own health and many of our students have even found new professional perspectives for themselves. You use Ayurvedic methods, for example, as a doctor, therapist or nutritionist.

The love for India - authentic Ayurveda

Kerstin: Since our trip to India, we have felt deeply connected to this country, its culture and the people. From the very beginning of the academy, we traveled a lot in India to study Ayurveda at the source and to establish contacts with Ayurveda doctors and universities. The long-standing friendship with our Indian partners is a great enrichment on the personal level, but also for our qualified Ayurveda training and research.

Mark: The first Indian lecturer is Dr. Gupta has been there from the very first training! And to this day he not only teaches Ayurvedic medicine. He still attaches great importance to giving our 6-day basic course twice a year so that newcomers understand the Ayurvedic principles from the ground up. Only that we have meanwhile become the leading Ayurveda competence center in Europe, with locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. At some point the name was changed to the European Academy for Ayurveda.

Kerstin: In fact, we have succeeded in infecting people with our enthusiasm for Ayurveda: More than 25,000 people have now studied Ayurveda as a healing and art of living with us. And it goes on and on: It was only in 2015 that we added a new therapy center to the academy in Birstein. There is an AyurSoul Concept Store in Frankfurt and we have had a modern eAcademy online since 2020.

Mark: Despite all the dynamism, one thing has remained to this day: The love for Ayurveda and what we do. Maybe one reason why the students keep telling us:

To be back in Birstein feels like coming home.

Academy House 1992
Academy House 2008
Academy House 2015




The people behind the academy

Kerstin Rosenberg

Kerstin Rosenberg is an internationally known specialist in Ayurveda nutrition, psychology and therapy. Since 1996 she has been training people interested in Ayurveda to become nutrition and health consultants, psychological Ayurveda consultants and Ayurveda therapists in various European countries. She has almost 25 years of practical Ayurveda experience and is in daily contact with patients, training participants and spa guests.

As an active book author, Kerstin Rosenberg has written numerous Ayurveda books with a focus on nutrition, gynecology and paediatrics, prevention and manual therapy, some of which have been published in several languages ​​and on the well-known Ayurveda Literature count.

The mother of three children is partner and managing director of the European Academy for Ayurveda, which she and her husband direct. She is also a founding member and board member of the VEAT - Association of European Ayurvedic Medicines and Therapists eV

Her particular passion is teaching and Ayurveda cuisine.

Portrait of Kerstin Rosenberg
Portrait of Mark Rosenberg

Mark Rosenberg

Mark Rosenberg is the managing director and founder of the European Academy for Ayurveda in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Together with his wife, he is highly committed to the recognition, research and holistic application of Ayurveda and yoga.

Under his leadership, the Academy has grown to become the largest Ayurveda centre of excellence in Europe, with a Panchakarma therapy centre attached to it today, where more than 1000 patients are treated annually. The Institute has established many important partnerships with Ayurveda universities and institutions to promote Ayurveda in Europe. The Institute has established many important partnerships with Ayurveda universities and institutions to promote Ayurveda in Europe and to provide students with exclusive access to the special sources of Ayurveda.

Among other things, Mark serves as President of VEAT - Professional Association of European Ayurvedic Physicians and Therapists - and is a member of the Board of ADAVED - German Umbrella Association of Ayurveda. He is also a speaker at international Ayurveda conferences in India and Europe.  He was awarded the prestigious Vaidya Sundarlal Joshi Memorial Management Award by MGMS (India) to recognise his special management achievements in the field of Ayurveda. He also received the IASTAM Pandit Shiv Sharma Oration Award.

His personal passion is Vastu - the Indian architectural and building tradition - which he has been researching for more than 20 years. He works as a Vastu and business consultant and gives lectures and seminars on Vastu, Yoga and Ayurveda.

Inside Ayurveda - insights into the team

The European Academy lives from the people who make it - regardless of whether in direct contact with our participants or behind the scenes. Reason enough for you to get to know some team members who take care of your well-being.

Ingelore Weidner


“Ayurveda makes you happy. My team and I advise you on all questions about your training and accommodation at the academy. "

Prof. Dr. Martin Mittwede

Head of Ayurvedic Medicine Study

“Ayurveda is an exciting journey of discovery that takes us to the roots of Indian medicine. Let's talk about what your personal path can look like. "

Marie-Cathrin Pawel

Social Media Manager

“I share with you daily life on our campus and valuable tips from Ayurveda. May I welcome you to our community? “

Petra abundance

Project manager eAcademy

“Our new eAcademy makes me proud. Full of Ayurveda knowledge, prepared in such a way that it is just fun to learn new things. Have a look! "

Petra Wolfinger

Representative Austria

“Ayurveda touches on all levels. In the training to become a wellness practitioner, we learn together to get involved with it with heart and mind. "

Petra Pliester

Quality Manager

“At the academy we all do our best. As a participant, you can rely on it, because every year an independent ISO inspector checks our quality. "

Rebekka Heckendorn

Representative Switzerland for Ayurvedic Medicine

"I am happy to advise and accompany you through the federally certified Ayurveda medicine degrees in Switzerland in cooperation with the Lucerne School of Heilpraktikers."

Stephanie Albert

Representative for complementary therapy in Switzerland

"Ayurvedic nutrition and Ayurveda as complementary therapy. This is my passion. I would be happy to advise you on choosing the right training and teach you in Switzerland in the areas of basic knowledge, nutrition, psychology and yoga. "

Vanessa Gutherz

Head of Marketing and Event

“Prepare our diverse Ayurveda offer for you and then make it accessible - whether on the Internet, in print or also live during our numerous events - that is my job. I'm looking forward to you! "

Chronicle of the European Academy for Ayurveda

Ayurveda eAcademy


Ayurveda, whenever and wherever you want: The Rosenberg eAcademy goes online and with it a series of web-based training courses for self-study. Also new: webinars with live lessons from our lecturers.

20 years of symposium


The International Ayurveda Symposium takes place for the 20th time. With this conference, the Academy provides an important platform for Ayurveda experts from India and Europe. The focus is on encounter and training, but also on the common goal of anchoring Ayurveda in Europe.

AyurSoul Frankfurt


The Academy is founding a CitySpot: The AyurSoul Concept Store with a café opens in the heart of Frankfurt.

MoU with the All India Institute


The All India Institute of Ayurveda, the leading institute of the Indian government for Ayurveda, signs a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the European Academy for Ayurveda.

ISO certification


Acquisition of the ISO 29990 certificate, the most important internationally valid quality certificate for independent educational institutions, as well as the ÖCert seal for our academy in Austria. Signing of a MoU with the Latvian University (LU).

New spa center


Opening of a new Ayurveda therapy and spa center on the premises of the academy. Here up to 5,000 patients a year can find regeneration and healing according to the principles of Ayurveda.

Federal diplomas


Start of a cooperation with the Lucerne School of Heilpraktikers, which enables Swiss students to acquire a federal diploma in Ayurvedic medicine or therapy.

Ayurveda product line


Foundation of Rosenberg AyurMed GmbH. For the new label, Kerstin Rosenberg is developing an AyurCafé with a characteristic blend of spices, which participants can enjoy on campus and buy in an online shop. Also on offer: traditional massage oils, herbs, food supplements, tea and spices.

Study of Ayurvedic medicine


In cooperation with Middlesex University, London, the academy is starting a recognized university course. Doctors and naturopaths can obtain a Master of Science degree in Ayurveda Medicine (MSc Ayurveda) - unique in all of Europe.

A new name


The academy and its good reputation are growing: It is time to rename the Mahindra Institute to the European Academy for Ayurveda.

International partners


The Gujarat Ayurved University recognized our work with a cooperation agreement in the field of research and education. Further partnerships, including with the Benares Hindu University (Varanasi), Mahagujarat Medical Society (Nadiad) and many others follow.

Vienna office


The academy also opens a representative office in Austria, soon with a recognized training as an Ayurveda wellness practitioner.

The way to Switzerland


The Academy's training concepts are very popular, also in Switzerland. With a new location in Zurich, the academy is getting closer to its Swiss participants.

The VEAT association


The Rosenbergs initiate the foundation of the VEAT, professional association for Ayurveda doctors and therapists.

Start of the academy


Foundation of the Mahindra Institute in Birstein, named after our teacher and mentor. From the first seminars, qualified training in the areas of yoga, Ayurveda nutrition, massage, therapy and psychology gradually developed.

Ayurveda in Frankfurt


Opening of the first yoga and Ayurveda center in Frankfurt.

The campus in Birstein

Light-flooded rooms , designed in the sense of the Vedic theory of space Vastu Shastra , invite you: Here you can learn focused and meet people who share your interests, surrounded by the beautiful nature in the Vogelsberg. For the palate there is an Ayurvedic organic cuisine made from regional ingredients.

Ayurveda training and studies

Training at the academy can set a new course for your life, be it as self-awareness or for your professional future . Many of our students choose to work professionally with Ayurveda, as Ayurveda physicians or therapists , as coach or yoga teachers . Find your way to a job that makes sense!

Ayurveda seminars & training

Our seminar highlights run like a red thread through the year. With them, Ayurveda connoisseurs specifically train themselves in their specialist field, alongside speakers from India and Europe.

And also for beginners there is a wide selection of courses that introduce, for example, Ayurvedic healing, massage, nutrition or psychology.