Internships and work shadowing in India and Europe

As a traditional medicine, Ayurveda lives above all from its practical application. This applies just as much to medicine as it does to manual therapies and the art of cooking. That is why we at the European Academy of Ayurveda attach great importance to ensuring that you start your vocation with a wealth of experience.

What we do for your practical training

Work shadowing and internships at the Birstein Competence Center

Attached to the academy is a lively spa center where more than 1,000 patients are treated with Ayurveda every year. Here you will experience in direct contact with spa guests how well-founded knowledge is put into practice, or help in the kitchen to prepare balanced menus according to Ayurvedic principles.

Internships at Indian clinics and universities

When studying Ayurveda medicine , you will benefit from the close cooperation between the European Academy of Ayurveda and partners in India. A 3-week internship at the PD Patel Ayurveda Hospital in Nadiad with Prof. Dr. S.N. Gupta will give you a comprehensive picture of how Ayurveda is used in India for various diseases.

Lecturers from the field

Outstanding Ayurveda experts as lecturers and course directors form the heart of the European Academy for Ayurveda and the Rosenberg Ayurveda Health and Spa Center. Reason enough to get to know them. Our lecturers work with Ayurveda in a clinical context or in their own practice and pass on their wealth of experience in dealing with patients to you, even during the lessons.

Work shadowing in the Ayurveda Medicine degree program

Patient training is an important part of the Ayurveda Medicine course. The curriculum therefore includes two internships in selected Ayurveda facilities that have been tested according to special quality criteria. Under competent guidance, they impart confidence in the practical application of the complex system of Ayurvedic medicine.

13 days at the Rosenberg Ayurveda treatment center

In Ayurveda you learn from practice for practice. Through the Rosenberg Health and Spa Center, which is affiliated with the European Academy for Ayurveda in Birstein, we are in daily contact with patients. Many of our lecturers have been working there for many years as course leaders or therapists and are available to support you with their supervision.

From classic Panchakarma to regeneration or special medical cures: during your internship, you will experience the effect and implementation of successful cure concepts and learn to accompany people individually in their clinical Ayurveda therapy process.

This is part of your internship in Birstein

  1. Looking over the professionals' shoulders - integration into the team of therapists

  2. Try out your own skills under supervision - Work in the Ayurveda therapy department (under supervision)

  3. Understand holistic therapy strategies and procedures - Participate in meetings and planning work in the therapy team

  4. Authentically experience the work processes, challenges and successes of a professional Ayurveda treatment and therapy center

Theresa Rosenberg tells

This is how your internship in Birstein works

"The internship in a Pancakarma cure in Birstein introduces you to curative Ayurveda. As an intern, you will see 20 to 24 patients and accompany them throughout their entire treatment. You will look over the shoulders of the cure management and the cure assistant during the initial anamnesis and visits. You will learn all about therapy plan creation, learn from the interaction between the spa manager and patient and have the opportunity to discuss questions with the spa manager outside of consultations.

Creating individual treatment plans

Individual patients are discussed in daily meetings. Now theory turns into practice and you will learn how a Panchakarma treatment is individually adapted to each patient. You will assist in the herbal kitchen and learn to accompany the individual Dravjas, the various Pancakarma procedures, as well as to administer Niruhas (enemas), thus gaining a valuable routine in the therapy and application of curative Ayurveda. As a trainee, you will be introduced to all the work of an assistant, from taking blood pressure to making and applying various compresses, piccus and pastes.

Holistic treatment support

By accompanying the guests, you will learn what Ayurveda does to people and get an idea of the effects, but also the challenges that can arise during a Pancakarma cure. In practice, you will learn how to respond appropriately, how to support patients in the best possible way and how to help them when psychological issues arise. You have the opportunity to take part in the evening lectures and workshops for the spa guests, and if you're brave enough, you can even give a lecture."

Theresa Rosenberg, alternative practitioner, Master of Science (MSc) in Ayurvedic medicine

20 days in India

Towards the end of the main course of study, a 20-day internship follows at the PD Patel Ayurveda Hospital Nadiad with Prof. S.N. Gupta. The hospital has 150 beds and treats patients with a wide variety of illnesses, including severe ones. In this way, the entire scope of Ayurvedic medicine is revealed and you gain authentic access to the traditional treatment methods - directly in the country of origin of Ayurveda.

Theresa Rosenberg tells

How your internship in India with Prof. Dr. Gupta works

"The internship in India shows the course of many cases, some of them serious, that we would not experience here in Germany. You also consolidate your knowledge of Ayurvedic medicine through private lessons in a small group with specialists from the Ayurveda clinic.

A typical day in Nadiad

The internship begins each morning with a tour of the hospital, where numerous tongues and pulses are diagnosed, compared and discussed. The patients and their progression are then presented, followed by the further course of treatment. In some cases, before/after videos are shown to familiarize the patient with their history at the beginning of the observation period.

Later in the day, there are visits to the various specialist departments. Here, the theory of Ayurveda in the specific specialist area is explained again in detail before various cases from the outpatient and inpatient departments are discussed and viewed together.

Outpatient and inpatient cases

Two days a week, you and your group will be present at the hospital's outpatient clinic. You can watch how the Ayurveda doctor briefly assesses and advises each patient within 5 to 10 minutes. The patient is then given a list of food supplements and medicines which they can pick up from the hospital's own pharmacy. After each short outpatient consultation, there are a few minutes to ask the doctor questions and discuss the case with them.

Within a few weeks during your internship, you will have the opportunity to gain many impressions of Ayurvedic medicine. You will also visit the laboratory and the pharmacy, where you will be present when Ayurvedic preparations are made. You can experience rare treatments, operations and applications as well as the classic Panchakarma during this short time.

Gain your own experience with patients

The PD Hospital always has some European (German or English-speaking) patients in the house. As a group of interns, we have the opportunity to carry out consultations, ward rounds and consultations ourselves.

Depending on our own level of knowledge and basic training, we are able to gain our own experience and discuss this with the group and the supervising doctor.

The internship in India is a milestone in the training, because here you can experience holistic Ayurveda and a cure lasting several weeks as well as outpatient Ayurveda at first hand. From drainage procedures and leech therapy to needle stick therapy on the scalp or Yoni Sveda to increase fertility: the wide range of Ayurvedic treatment options are demonstrated live so that you can get to know patients and their successes and failures."

Theresa Rosenberg, alternative practitioner, Master of Science (MSc) in Ayurvedic Medicine

Internship in Ayurveda therapy

Am Rosenberg Ayurveda Health and Spa Center Birstein for (prospective) Ayurveda therapists.

6 days at the Rosenberg Ayurveda treatment center

Be brave and just do it - that's the motto of our internship for prospective Ayurveda therapists. Test yourself under professional guidance in the application and implementation of the Ayurvedic massage techniques that you have learned during your training. First by watching, then by practicing, you will experience the blissful feeling of holistic touch and healing. You will learn how to use Ayurvedic massage to direct the energy flow of clients and gently touch their body and soul.

In your therapy internship during an Ayurveda treatment, you will learn

  1. the careful treatment of patients and spa guests.

  2. the individual adjustment of the massage techniques to the individual constitution and needs.

  3. professional procedures, time management, pre- and post-treatment of Ayurveda therapies.

  4. the holistic context of the therapy process through exchanges and case discussions with course management and colleagues.

  5. experiencing one's own strengths and limitations in therapeutic work through discussions, feedback and supervision.

The knowledge I gained about Ayurvedic nutrition and massages not only enabled me to successfully treat my chronic illness, I have now also found my dream job.

Alexander Spitzer Ayurveda massage practitioner & Ayurveda health coach (IHK)

Internship in the art of Ayurveda cooking

In the Ayurvedic organic kitchen in Birstein for (aspiring) Ayurveda chefs.

6 days in the ayurvedic organic kitchen in Birstein

Don't be afraid of big pots! In the certified organic Ayurveda kitchen in Birstein, you will be chopping, cooking and sizzling according to Ayurvedic principles from morning till night.

During your kitchen internship, you will cook delicious Ayurveda menus together with our professional Ayurveda chefs: from healing Pancakarma cuisine to energy-rich Rasayana food and sattvic yoga cuisine, depending on which guests and groups are in the house at the time.

Under the supervision of our Ayurveda professional chefs, you will apply your theoretical knowledge of Ayurvedic nutrition in the kitchen and develop your creativity in cooking in a tasty and harmonious way. Learn from the best and experience the loving power of Ayurvedic cooking!

While you pamper our guests with Ayurvedic delicacies together with our kitchen team, you will learn how to

  1. Delicious recipes from the Birstein Ayurveda kitchen

  2. Professional techniques, dietary preparation methods and special kitchen tricks to prepare delicious dishes according to the rules of Ayurvedic cuisine

  3. Individual recipe variations and menu design, taking into account food intolerances and type-specific requirements

  4. Time management, kitchen processes and product management in the Ayurvedic professional kitchen

  5. Quantity calculation and preparation methods for small and large groups

  6. Menu presentation and presentation of the dishes to the guests

You have created such a wonderful place for healing on all levels in Birstein. I would start this training again at any time - it was one of the best decisions of my life!

Nelly Grandel Ayurveda health and nutrition consultant