Learn Ayurveda in Birstein

A place of encounter in the heart of Germany

Those who study at the European Academy for Ayurveda not only benefit from a qualified education, but also immerse themselves in a new, healthy world. The lovingly designed campus in the middle of the Vogelsberg offers a framework for education, meeting and recreation - in a location close to nature and with a personal character.

Traditional medicine in a stylish ambience

Formerly an idyllic forester's lodge, the property was designed according to biological and healing aspects and is now partially listed. It was only in 2015 that Mark and Kerstin Rosenberg again carefully extended it according to the criteria of Vedic architecture. The result is a progressive education and therapy centre that has been able to retain its original charm despite all the amenities.

Reading and learning in the Ayurveda library

In the library our participants find selected literature for self-study. Several workstations are available here for efficient learning - inspired by the atmosphere of the adjacent garden.

The seminar rooms: study Ayurveda with joy

Light-flooded seminar rooms with modern equipment support concentrated and joyful learning. We have a total of four beautiful rooms for training and study, so that there is a suitable setting for every size of group. In addition, a spacious roof terrace with a magnificent view invites you to yoga classes under the open sky.

Herbalism in the botanical garden

In the garden of the academy grow native, ayurvedically classified medicinal plants, which can be experienced here with all senses. Students will also find sheltered seating areas and secluded spots in the shade of the old trees or by the babbling brook.

You have created such a wonderful place in Birstein for healing on all levels. I would immediately start this training again at any time - it was one of the best decisions of my life!

Nelly Grandel Ayurveda health and nutrition consultant

House tour with Mark Rosenberg

The European Academy for Ayurveda in Birstein is a real gem where traditional and modern design meet, spiced with elements from Indian culture. The special character goes back to Mark Rosenberg, founder and director of the academy. For many years he Vedic architecture Vastu Shastra studied. With his knowledge and visionary power, he has been instrumental in shaping the Ayurveda Centre. In doing so, he has remained true to his roots: Mark inherited the passion for harmonious spaces from his father, who was a well-known architect in Frankfurt.

Rooms have an effect on us. They clothe us.

In this video, Mark Rosenberg gives insights into the Academy as a place that energizes and inspires the mind.

Life on campus

Ayurveda up close - live, enjoy, network

On the campus in Birstein, Ayurveda is not only taught, but lived. As a participant you will experience live how Ayurveda can be integrated into your life. Living and eating, surrounded by like-minded people in a natural environment and inspired by special personalities. For this reason, all our trainings include face-to-face seminars at the Competence Center in Birstein, at the source of Ayurveda in Germany. You can look forward to that:

Ayurveda cures in Germany

Healing art and teaching under one roof

Ayurveda is always in the service of people. It is therefore only logical that a modern therapy centre is also located on the premises of the European Academy for Ayurveda. More than 800 guests take part in a high-quality Ayurveda treatment here every year, in order to regenerate or to have specific complaints treated. In this way, there is a constant exchange between teaching and practice, from which patients benefit just as much as the students of the academy.

This is what you can expect during a cure

- outstanding Ayurvedic doctors and therapists with many years of practical experience - holistic treatments, tailored to the constitution - Ayurvedic massages/therapies with sensitivity and precision - a personal atmosphere with a social program and psychological support - a nutritionally therapeutic and enjoyable Ayurvedic organic cuisine.

Study Ayurveda - in Birstein or online

Open Campus Day

Get a taste of the Ayurveda atmosphere! Come to our free information day with exciting lectures, a tour of the house and the people of the academy.

Study Ayurveda online

Learn Ayurveda when and where you want: Some of our Ayurveda training courses and numerous seminars can now be completed 100% online.