Ayurveda literature to read

Books on the subject of Ayurveda by our lecturers

Ayurvedic Medicine

kaya-cikitsa - Therapy concepts for internal diseases

by Shive N. Gupta and Elmar Stapelfedt

Ayurveda heals: Diet as Medicine

Healing gently and sustainably with Ayurveda

Kerstin Rosenberg and Prof. Dr. Tanuja Nesari

With Ayurveda through the menopause

The first Ayurveda book on the subject of menopause

Naturally and hormone-free alleviate discomfort and increase joie de vivre!

Ritucarya - with Ayurveda through the year

Everyone talks about weather - but hardly anyone adapts to it these days.

In Ayurveda there are six seasons. For each of them you will find in this book suitable dietary tips and everyday, easy-to-make recipes, soothing measures and type-appropriate exercise tips.

Ayurveda & Detox K. Rosenberg

Ayurveda & Detox: Cleansing Cures for the Home Kerstin Rosenberg

With Ayurveda against stress

Recipes and applications for deceleration by Kerstin Rosenberg and Ulrike Kienzle

The Ayurvedic diet

Ayurveda book about the healing art and life energy with beneficial recipes for health strengthening

Kerstin Rosenberg

Ayurveda compact

Healing art and recipes for body and soul.

Kerstin Rosenberg

Ayurveda for animals

Author: Theresa Rosenberg

Nutrition, massages, medicine cabinet, health tips for dogs, cats and horses!

How Ganesha got his head

Stories of the Indian world of gods by Kalyani Nagershet and illustrations by Julia Berger

With love it tastes better

Poetic from the Ayurveda kitchen!

The new Ayurveda cuisine

Ayurvedic cooking and more!

An Ayurvedic cookbook with nutrition tips by Kerstin Rosenberg and team

Meditation is the heart of yoga

Practice book with exercises and meditations for a peaceful and free life

Based on the Yogasutras - incl. download for meditations