Ayurveda children's health coach

  • Strengthen the health and development of children with Ayurveda.

  • Expand your range of therapies with constitution determination, nutritional advice and massage for children.

  • Study Ayurvedic pediatrics for the holistic treatment of children's illnesses.

Healthy and happy children are the foundation of a healthy society. This is what Ayurvedic pediatrics Bala Roga teaches, with its holistic approach to the health and development of children from conception to puberty. The diverse range of therapies includes type- and child-appropriate nutritional and herbal therapy, massages, oil treatments, yoga and effective remedies to promote the child's health and treat illnesses.

The Ayurveda Children's Health Coach course takes a very practical approach: you will learn how to apply the knowledge of Ayurvedic pediatrics with many examples to integrate the theory directly into everyday life. We will show you how you can use Ayurveda to promote the child's natural development in the various stages of life and strengthen the immune system and defenses. If the child is already suffering from ailments, you can also use Ayurvedic medicine and home remedies as an alternative form of therapy for typical childhood illnesses and common complaints. Even for "modern" developmental disorders such as hyperactivity or ADD, Ayurveda offers interesting solutions and practical recommendations that represent a sensible alternative or supplement to conventional treatment methods for children and parents.

Learning objectives

Pediatrics is a special branch of Ayurvedic medicine that aims to promote the health and development of children and treat illnesses holistically. To this end, you will learn a wide range of health-promoting measures and therapeutic methods to be used in an individual and child-friendly way. Sound Ayurvedic knowledge, practical skills and supervised treatment practice enable you to integrate Ayurvedic paediatrics into everyday family life or professional application.

As an Ayurvedic children's health coach, you will learn
- the basics of Ayurvedic paediatrics in theory and practice.
- a holistic view and treatment of the child, according to the individual constitution.
- practical application of Ayurvedic nutrition and cooking for children and the whole family.
- massages and oil treatments for the physical and mental well-being of the child.
- simple recommendations and recipes from the Ayurvedic medicine cabinet to treat the child's complaints according to type.
- holistic diagnosis and treatment strategies of Ayurvedic medicine for therapeutic children's healing practice.


The innovative training concept for Ayurveda children's health coaches combines the knowledge of the millennia-old healing teachings of Ayurveda with modern, conventional medical knowledge for the benefit of all children. An in-depth online training course teaches the basics and expert knowledge of Ayurveda paediatrics with interactive texts, videos, learning quizzes and accompanying webinars. In addition, the training includes in-depth practical seminars to learn Ayurvedic cooking, massaging, diagnosing and advising for and with children in a professional manner.

  • At the heart of the Ayurveda children's health coach training is the online training course "Ayurveda and medicine for children". The elaborately designed e-seminar allows you to design your Ayurveda training independently at your own pace. In a total of 34 lessons, you will learn the basics of Ayurvedic constitutional theory, nutritional and regulatory therapy, massage and the diagnostic and therapeutic methods of Ayurvedic pediatrics.
  • One-hour e-workshops led by the authors Dr. med. Christian Rackwitz and Kerstin Rosenberg accompany the online training courses and enable you to communicate directly with your training supervisors and experts in Ayurvedic pediatrics.
  • 2 practical seminars at the European Academy for Ayurveda deepen your knowledge and train your practical skills in Ayurvedic children's cuisine as well as therapeutic consultation and treatment practice.


Ayurveda and medicine for children
- Basics of Ayurveda paediatrics
- Holistic view of the child, according to the individual constitution
- Principles and recipes of Ayurvedic nutrition for children
- Recommendations and applications to strengthen health - from baby massage to medicinal plants
- Concepts and methods of Ayurveda paediatrics
- Treating children's illnesses Ayurvedically

Ayurveda cuisine & medicine cabinet for children in everyday life
- Everything that is good for children: Ayurvedic nutrition, rituals, massage, home remedies
- Better sleep with foot massage and special spices, herbs and rituals for the evening
- Eating right from the start - healthy complementary foods and what to consider from an Ayurvedic perspective
- The quick Ayurvedic kitchen in everyday life - from healthy snacks to rainbow salad
- Type-appropriate kitchen practice and recipes for child-friendly breakfast, lunch and dinner
- "Help my child won't eat!" or "Help, my child wants to eat all the time" - recipes and strategies for "difficult" eaters
- Practical exercises for constitution determination and diagnosis in children
- Making simple remedies for the children's medicine cabinet yourself: From Ayurvedic cough drops to digestive teas

Ayurvedic paediatrics in practice
Causes and development of childhood diseases from an Ayurvedic and conventional medical perspective
- Practical guide to constitution determination, diagnosis and assessment of findings in young children
- Holistic health and therapy recommendations for common childhood diseases such as ADHD, asthma, neurodermatitis, obesity, throat and ear problems
- Case studies with exercises for the application of individual therapy options in Ayurvedic pediatrics, from herbal and nutritional therapy to massage, yoga and elimination methods.


Kerstin Rosenberg Porträt
Kerstin Rosenberg
Porträt Leini Siebenaller
Léini Siebenaller
Alexander Spitzer
Alexander Spitzer
Porträt Christian Rackwitz
Dr. Christian Rackwitz
Porträt Simone Eishabadi
Simone Lang


Training fee from € 1,175

plus accommodation and meals - only for attendance dates in Birstein

Guest houses are available on the campus of the European Academy of Ayurveda. You can choose from rooms of different categories for your overnight stay during the training. Ayurvedic full board from our organic kitchen is included in the room price.

Method of payment

Deposit € 250

Final payment

a) In one lump sum no later than one month before the start of the training (immediately for eLearning modules so that we can activate your eSeminars immediately.)
b) As an option for participants from Germany and Austria, we also offer payment in installments. You can find your individual installment plan (depending on the duration of your training) in the booking process. Payment (direct debit) of the monthly installments is made on the 1st of each month, starting from the month of the start of the training booked here, for eAcademy modules immediately. If the training begins with eAcademy modules, the activation is provisionally carried out immediately after receipt of the down payment, regularly after receipt of the first monthly installment.


For whom?

Especially recommended for:
- Parents, grandparents and parents-to-be
- Doctors and nurses
- Educators
- Midwives

Learning checks and qualification tests

In this specialist course, you use the digital learning platform to prove that you have internalized the knowledge from this course.

- Learning checks: Each module ends with a learning check to assure you and us that you have achieved the learning objectives. It contains 20 multiple choice questions and must be passed with at least 70%. You can take the learning check a maximum of three times.

- qualification test: Finally, you will be activated for a qualification test on the learning platform. You will be asked 5 multiple choice questions. You have two attempts to answer them correctly.

Once you have successfully passed everything, you have reached your goal: your Ayurveda Children's Health Coach certificate is ready for you to download from the learning platform.

At a glance



Required prior knowledge:



105 learning hours* à 60 min.
-> 3 Modules (see below) + Learning assignments = 105 hrs

Standard period of study 6-8 months

Learning forms/hours (per module):
e.g. 45 learning hrs of which
22,5 hrs presence (3 days)
45 learning hrs of which 22,5 hrs
live-webinar (3 days)
45 learning hrs (34 e-lessons in free time management with 5 hrs live webinar)

Blended learning:
Maximum 2 of 3 modules as e-learning
Maximum 2 of 3 modules as live webinar

Training fee from € 1.175
Parts of the training already completed will be credited: see prices

plus accommodation and meals, if applicable

* Learning hours = total number of didactically accompanied and supervised learning hours learning hours incl. lessons, prepared exercises, guided learning or guided practical exercises, learning checks practice, learning checks either online or face-to-face or in self-study.

Get advice

How to start your training as a Ayurveda children's health coach

Do you want it to be as simple as possible? Then let us suggest what a complete training plan could look like. Choose one of the following sample plans that suits you best. Of course, you can change each individual date afterwards to suit you best.

Still have questions? We'll design your training plan together!

In a study consultation, we can briefly clarify the best time for you to start, which form of learning is best for you and whether we can perhaps take into account your existing prior knowledge. Together we will find the right training program for you. Book your individual training consultation by phone +49 (0)6054-91 310 or simply online.

Your individual choice of dates

None of our ready-made sample plans appeal to you? Then you can also put together your own individual plan below.

Select by yourself

Basic modules

Ayurveda and medicine for children

34 lessons

Advanced modules

Attendance of at least 1 basic module is recommended in advance

Ayurveda cuisine & medicine cabinet Children in everyday life

2 days 2 days

Ayurvedic pediatrics in practice

2 days 2 days

Introductory seminars

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First get a taste, then decide - all seminars can be credited towards later training