Ayurveda recipes from Birstein

What distinguishes the Ayurvedic cuisine?

In Ayurveda, food is both therapy and pleasure. Three lovingly prepared meals a day from fresh ingredients ensure physical and mental well-being. It is important that the menus are balanced in flavors (sweet, sour, salty, spicy, bitter and astringent). In addition, they should fit the time of day and season and, of course, take into account the individual needs of one's constitution Vata, Pitta, Kapha.

And yet: Ayurvedic cooking can be quite simple. The most important thing is to start, for example with one of the delicious recipes we present here. Enjoy it!

Ayurvedic recipes for every season

Braised rose chicken with mashed potatoes and apple-quince chutney

From an Ayurvedic point of view, autumn is a season dominated by Vata and Pitta. The rising autumn winds intensify the digestive fire (agni) and strain the physical strength and immunity (bala). With foods and spices dominated by sweet and tart flavors, the stabilizing earth element can now be nourished and the doshas brought into balance.

Potato and pea loaf

Spicy vegetable pancakes on aphrodite-mint raita and kohlrabi carpacchio stimulate the agni as a spring menu and get the metabolism going again.

Rhubarb nectarine chutney

This chutney complements light summer dishes with all six flavors: sweet, spicy, bitter, salty, sour and astringent. The fruits are refined here with a spice mixture of trikatu, cinnamon, ginger and cloves.

Colorful asparagus plate with pesto

Finally, asparagus time again! This recipe combines the queen of vegetables with fresh spring herbs. In addition, a touch of chili gets the agni going.

Stimulate the inner fire with pleasure

Spring is the time to dispose of the winter's legacy. With hot spices and bitter vegetables we ignite our purifying inner fire. Kerstin Rosenberg has created suitable recipe ideas for Yoga.ZEIT.

Ayurveda spring menu for weight loss and purification

A menu of kapha-reducing ingredients: with their dry, light and heating properties, spinach leaves, chickpeas, sesame seeds and barberries eliminate excess ballast.

Paprika chard coconut curry with pumpkin pancakes and apricot chutney

A light Ayurvedic summer menu with seasonal fruits and vegetables, enhanced with fresh spices and cooling coconut.

Asparagus with ayurvedic hollandaise, potato cakes and melon chutney

The queen of vegetables is prepared here once ayurvedic; served with potato cakes and melon chutney.

Eggplant Carrot Curry

In Ayurveda, eggplants and carrots are among the most important winter vegetables: their warming and strengthening properties give us new strength and vitality for the cold season. Here they are combined in a tasty curry.

Pumpkin Walnut Cake

This delicious Ayurvedic cake recipe is also suitable for vegans. Tastes great also with vanilla sauce.

Strawberry tiramisu in glass

A treat with fresh fruits of the season. Biscuit soaked in AyurCafé gives this dessert a refined spicy touch.

Spinach quinoa strudel

Fresh as spring: served with red bell pepper yogurt sauce, this strudel is a treat vegetarian gourmets!

Recipes from the seminar "The Great Ayureda Cooking School

From broccoli curry to orange coconut panacotta: Udo Schneider created tasty Ayurvedic dishes together with his cooking class participants. Here is a selection of his recipes!

Ayurveda on bread: healthy spreads

Ayurveda makes finger food a healthy treat: Our creative bread spreads are quick to make and simply taste good.

Colorful barley stew with barberries

Delicious barley soup is ideal for detoxification and slimming: Barberry is considered a vitamin C-containing fat burner and Agni stimulator, which leads your metabolism to new activity and lightness.

Ayurvedic Christmas menu

Ayurvedic gourmet cuisine for the holidays: a broccoli-hazelnut soup to start, potato-sauerkraut snails as the main course and a crowning finale: pear with date-apricot-marzipan on cinnamon sauce.

Leek sweet potato curry à la Ayurveda

The leek-sweet potato curry is a delicious vegetable composition for the draining winter days. Optimal to strengthen the immune system and joie de vivre with a good Ayurvedic meal.

Ayurvedic chicken roulade with bell pepper vegetables

A recipe by Udo Schneider from our Ayurveda cooking course in November. It does not always have to be vegetarian ...

Kashmir style kohlrabi

A spring recipe from the new book by Kerstin Rosenberg "The Ayurvedic diet" - to be published in June 2011 by SüdWest-Verlag

Ayurvedic chocolate pudding with chili and saffron cream

An aphrodisiac Rasayana recipe from our Ayurvedic kitchen.

Polenta pizza

Everyone loves pizza... Our delicious polenta pizza is not inferior to the real pizza in appearance and taste, but without having its negative qualities.

Colorful chickpea pot

A delicious dal dish from our new Ayurveda cookbook!

The form of preparation presented here makes the chickpeas butter tender and easy to digest.

Ayurvedic taboulé

Hot summer - cooling couscous recipe from Ayurveda cuisine.

Stuffed parsnips

A great winter recipe from our recipe book "The NEW Ayurvedic Kitchen".

A life in balance with the Ayurvedic diet

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