Petra Wolfinger

Petra Wolfinger Porträt
Certified nurse, Ayurvedic practitioner and yoga teacher

Petra Wolfinger, qualified nurse, Ayurveda practitioner, yoga teacher, author. Closely connected with Ayurveda and yoga for 20 years, she has a wealth of experience in the field of yoga, massage, manual therapies, gynecology, Ayurveda for children, stress prevention, lifestyle coaching and health care. An important focus in her work is understanding and accessing the body. Yoga and Ayurveda complement each other very successfully in her own practice near Vienna. She is the contact person of the European Academy in Austria.

Educational offer with Petra Wolfinger


Postgraduate studies: medically certified and university certified

Ayurvedic Nutrition Therapist

Take your expertise to the next level with professional dietetics:

  • Specialized continuing education for trained Ayurvedic physicians, therapists, and nutritionists.
  • Use food specifically as medicine: from intolerances to psychological complaints
  • Highlight: Crown your knowledge with a university certificate on a study trip to India.
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Training for certified

Meditation Leader

In the meditation leader training you will embark on a journey to the core of your being.

  • Suitable as a retreat for yourself or to teach mindfulness training to others.
  • With an intensive practice, you will immerse yourself in different meditation techniques and learn how to guide them.
  • As a therapist, coach or yoga teacher, meditation can meaningfully complement your professional skills.
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