Naturopath Theresa Sita Rosenberg

Porträt Theresa Rosenberg
Naturopath with specialization in Ayurvedic medicine, expert in Ayurvedic veterinary medicine

As the daughter of Kerstin and Mark Rosenberg - founders of the European Academy for Ayurveda with an associated cure and competence center - Theresa Rosenberg grew up with Ayurveda. Virtually from birth, Ayurveda was part of her home and has had a lasting impact on her life. After graduating from high school, she studied equine business in Nürtingen and completed her studies "summa cum laude" with a bachelor thesis on "Ayurveda for horses". Besides her studies, Theresa worked full-time as a trainer for horses and riders and supported dog owners in strengthening their dog-human relationship. Since her teenage years, Theresa has specialized in teaching body language between animals and humans and enjoys passing on this knowledge. She is currently completing her training as a dog and cat nutritionist. Ayurveda and its application on animals has been integrated by Theresa into her daily work, as feeding, husbandry and training go hand in hand in her opinion and have been accompanied with Ayurvedic consultations and massages. Under the motto "holistic training", the training of humans and animals was supplemented with Ayurvedic feed and feed supplement consultation, posture adjustment and manual therapy. Already in her younger years, Theresa Rosenberg was able to gain a lot of practical experience with the Ayurvedic art of healing and living in Europe and India. Parallel to her university studies in Ayurvedic medicine MSc, she completed her training as a non-medical practitioner. Today she applies her extensive knowledge in her own Ayurveda practice for humans and animals in Münchingen (near Stuttgart) and as a much sought-after seminar and workshop leader.

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