Ayurveda and medicine for children

Holistic therapy methods from birth to puberty

This course teaches the holistic pediatric medicine Bala Roga in a practical and easy to implement in everyday life way. With many examples to directly integrate the theory into everyday life, you will learn to apply the knowledge of Ayurvedic pediatrics.

The content is aimed at all people who are interested in a holistic and natural treatment of children and is especially suitable for parents, expectant parents, grandparents, doctors, nurses, educators, midwives, etc., who want to combine and apply the knowledge of this millennia-old healing teachings of Ayurveda with the modern, conventional medical knowledge for the benefit of all children.
This will enable you to achieve even better results in the treatment of children's diseases, but especially in the field of prevention for the physical and mental health of the child.

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- Basics of Ayurveda pediatrics
- Holistic view of the child, according to the individual constitution
- Principles and recipes of Ayurvedic nutrition for children
- Recommendations and applications to strengthen health - from baby massage to medicinal plants
- Concepts and methods of Ayurveda pediatrics
- Treat diseases of the child Ayurvedically

For whom?

Doctors, alternative practitioners, midwives, educators, Ayurvedic therapists and nutritionists, parents and all those who care about the health of the child.

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List of lessons in the e-Academy online seminar

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eSeminar "Ayurveda and Healing for Children with 29 lessons, videos, Learning quiz and accompanying webinars from the Rosenberg eAcademy

AKH 1 - Basics of Ayurveda Pediatrics
- Bala - Childhood in Ayurveda
- Prakriti - Every Child is Unique
- Determining the Constitution of Children in Practice
- Vikriti - Recognizing What Changes

AKH 2 - Ayurveda Nutrition for Children
- What is the Right Diet for My Child?
- Agni - digestion good - everything good
- Every child is different - type-appropriate nutrition tips for children and family
- From birth to puberty - nutrition recommendations for every age
- Healthy nutrition in everyday life - suitable for children and easy to implement
- Ayurvedic recipes for children

AKH 3 - Child health and development promotion for body and psyche and developmental support for body and psyche
- Prevention and immune strengthening for healthy children
- The right start in life - recommendations before and after birth
- The 3 pillars of life
- Order therapy - living in the right rhythm
- Mental health and personality development
- Love and oil - massage for children
- Movement and coordination - motor development

AKH 4 - Concepts and Methods of Ayurvedic Pediatrics
- Roga - Recognizing and Assigning Diseases of the Child
- Examination Methods and Survey of Findings
- Pancakarma in Children
- Ayurvedic Remedies for Children

AKH 5 - Treating Diseases of the Child Ayurvedically
- Psyche (ADHD, tantrums, sleep disorders)
- Allergies (allergies and hay fever)
- Skin (neurodermatitis, hives, diaper rash)
- Ear, Nose and Throat (tonsillitis and otitis media)
- Gastrointestinal Tract (constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain)
- Respiratory Tract (cough, cold, asthma)
- Common Diseases (urinary tract infections, conjunctivitis, etc.)v.m.)

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34 Lessons 0 learning hrs of which 0 hrs live-webinar

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