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Do you love Ayurveda and Ayurvedic cuisine? Then the Ayurveda Food Festival in Birstein is the right place for you! Whether you want to apply as a participating Ayurvedic chef or simply come to eat and enjoy - together we will celebrate Ayurvedic cuisine at its finest and experience the 10 best Ayurvedic chefs from all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Join us! Experience and taste the highlights of Ayurvedic cuisine with culinary delights and live cooking at the food stands of well-known Ayurvedic chefs. Immerse yourself in the Ayurveda community around healthy eating, enjoyment and dietetics with exciting lectures, workshops and cooking shows.

Celebrate with us with music and Ayurveda cocktails for every dosha type and vote for the best Ayurveda chef in the Annapurna cooking competition.

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- Experience and get to know innovative Ayurveda cuisine with live cooking
- Ayurveda food stands with Ayurvedic tapas, antipasti, bowls, dals and innovative 6-rasa dishes
- Ayurveda food party with music and cocktails for every dosha type
- Yoga in the morning for a strong Agni and good dosha flow
- Lectures and workshops for beginners and experts, like
- Ayurveda - Healthy food that makes you happy
- Ayurveda cuisine for children and family
- Cooking with Ayurveda superfoods
- Stoking the fire - Spices for good digestion
- The kitchen - your temple: On spirituality, love and the art of healing in Ayurveda cuisine
- Tips, tricks and expert knowledge for a successful food blog

- Get together, fun and networking with the Ayurveda food community
- Be part of it: apply to be a contributing Ayurveda chef with your signature dish

For whom?

Everyone who enjoys and has a passion for Ayurveda, cooking and/or healthy food.

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Please note the price information for the respective module dates.

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By invoice: Due 14 days before the start of the seminar

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Required prior knowledge:

1 Day 10 learning hrs of which 10 hrs presence

from € 0
Plus board and lodging if applicable

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