Ayurvedic manual therapy for animals

Ayurvedic therapies with oils, herbal sachets and compresses for dogs, cats and horses

Ayurvedic manual therapy for animals involves more than just massage strokes that serve to relax muscles: The comprehensive therapy system deals with oils, energy pathways and touch. Thereby the ayurvedic manual therapy is very closely connected with the oil and herbal lore, because the use of these plant active substances by healing oils, pastes or stamps are an inherent part of the external ayurvedic therapy.The numerous special therapies with herbal bags, compresses and pastes allow an intensive therapy, adjusted to the individual constitution and complaints of the animal.

With many descriptive videos, the eLearning course shows the Ayurvedic massage and therapy techniques, tailored to the individual constitution and complaints of dogs, cats and horses. Based on this, the holistic therapy methods for treating the musculoskeletal system from the perspective of Ayurvedic medicine are explained in detail and demonstrated in practice.

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- Know the basics of manual therapy
- Know the nadis and marma points and their effects
- How plants can also act externally
- Local therapies with oils, ointments and overlays
- Decocts for external use
- Pindas (herbal stamps) and shastika (rice stamps)
- Piccus and bastis (oil baths)
- Shiddha Marma (local marma point massage)
- Type-specific massage techniques for dog, cat and horse
- Ayurveda therapy concepts for the treatment of tendons, ligaments, injuries, - chronic joint diseases and muscular complaints of the musculoskeletal system

For whom?

Ayurveda animal health coaches, animal or horse/dog physiotherapists, osteopaths, movement therapists, animal healers, Ayurveda massage practitioners who want to align their therapy on the movement part individually, holistically and Ayurvedic.

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Seminar fee from € 540

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List of lessons in the e-Academy online seminar

Learn the basics of Ayurvedic massage and manual therapy for animals: With extensive basic knowledge about oils and treatment techniques as well as precise instructions and demo videos, we show you how to practically apply the Ayurvedic therapy methods for dogs, cats and horses.

At the end you can try out your new practical skills directly and check and deepen your theoretical knowledge with a learning check.

eSeminar "Ayurvedic Manual Therapy for Animals" with 33 lessons, videos, Learning quiz and accompanying webinars from the Rosenberg eAcademy

MMT 1 - Ayurvedic Manual Therapy for Animals
- Introduction to Ayurveda for Animals - for Manual Therapy
- Manual Therapy Basics
- External Applications of Plant Components
- Nadis and Marmas

MMT 2 - Ayurvedic Oils and Ointments for External Use in Animals
- Basic Oils and Fats
- Medicinal Oils
- Medicinal Ghees
- Local Applications of Oils
- Ointments and Dressings

MMT 3 - Manual therapy special applications
- Pindas (herbal stamps)
- Shastikas (rice stamps)
- Piccu and Basti (oil baths)
- Siddha Marma (local Marma point-massage)
- Matra and Niruha Basti (enemas)

MMT 4 - Ayurvedic massage for dogs
- Basis of Ayurvedic massage for dogs
- Therapy of Vata dogs
- Therapy of Pitta-dogs
- therapy of Kapha-dogs

MMT 5 - Ayurveda-massage for cats
- basis of Ayurveda-massage for cats
- therapy of Vata-cats
- therapy of Pitta-cats
- therapy of Kapha-cats

MMT 6 - Ayurvedic massage for horses
- Basis of Ayurvedic massage for horses
- Therapy of Vata horses
- Therapy of Pitta horses
- Therapy of Kapha horses

MMT 7 - Holistic treatments for the musculoskeletal system
- Holistic therapy in the sense of Ayurveda
- Treatment of the musculoskeletal system according to classical Ayurveda
- Expulsion procedures as therapy of the musculoskeletal system
- Treatment of muscular complaints
- Treatment of chronic complaints
- Treatment of tendon and ligament injuries
- Treatment of fractures and fissures


Learning Check

This seminar concludes with a learning check in our digital eAcademy platform. Using multiple choice questions, you check whether you have achieved the learning objectives of this course. You can take the learning check up to three times and with at least 70% correct answers you have passed.

After the successful learning check, you will reap the fruits of your labor: Your certificate of participation will be sent to you by email and is also available for you to download from the learning platform.

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43 Lessons 45 learning hrs of which 5 hrs live-webinar

from € 540
Plus board and lodging if applicable

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