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In Ayurveda, each person is regarded as a unique individual with a unique personality in its universal origin and its physical and mental characteristics. With the help of knowledge about the constitution of the individual, mental strengths and weaknesses, personal abilities and obstacles as well as unlived potentials on the mental, emotional and spiritual level can be recognized and treated.

Based on Ayurvedic psychology and applied yoga philosophy, the seminar teaches a gentle and empathetic way to discover one's own potentials and to accompany people therapeutically in their solution-oriented processes.

Gain an insight into our eModule "Seeing with the heart - type-appropriate Ayurvedic psychology". In this course you can experience an excerpt from the original eSeminar. In the original course, there are also webinars in which you can ask questions and present case studies as well as webinar e-workshops in which you can work on a specific topic more intensively with your fellow learners and the lecturer.

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- Mental health from an Ayurvedic perspective

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