Ayurveda for animals - dietetics, herbs and feed supplements

Treating animal complaints naturally with Ayurveda

Dietetics is also one of the most important focal points of holistic medicine for animals. Not only the form of feeding (dry food, wet food, barf or hay, silage, kibble or mash) is beneficial in different ways depending on the constitution. The ingredients also play a decisive role in their effect on the body. Each vegetable, fruit, gas or meat has different qualities that affect the body and mind. In this e-seminar you will learn how to use food specifically as nourishment for body and mind and also as medicine.

Ayurvedic phytotherapy is the second focus of this seminar. Numerous Ayurvedic food supplements, herbs and recipes can be used successfully in animals. You will not only learn about the effects and indications of these herbs but also how you can use these Ayurvedic phytotherapeutics preventively and therapeutically in dogs, horses and cats. A separate chapter on the first-aid kit as well as many practical experience reports show you proven treatments and recipes for animals.

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- Factors of animal health and disease
- Dravyaguna (Ayurvedic phytotherapy) for animals
- Ayurvedic dietetics for animals
- Ayurvedic spices and herbs
- Rasayanas and feed supplements
- Medicine chest for animals

For whom?

- Animal owners who would like to integrate Ayurveda into their lives with animals
- Veterinary practitioners
- Animal nutritionists
- Ayurveda therapists and consultants who would also like to support animals with their Ayurveda knowledge

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List of lessons in the e-Academy online seminar

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Contents of the eSeminar "Ayurvedic Dietetics and Home Pharmacy for Animals"
1 - Factors of animal health and disease
- The healthy animal
- The sick animal
- Disorders of Agni
- Disorders of Doshas
- Disorders of Dhatus
- Disorders of Srotas
- Disorders of Malas and Ama

2 - Dravyaguna for Animals Dravyaguna for animals
- Basics of Ayurvedic herbal medicine Dravyaguna
- Use of Ayurvedic Dravyas in animals
- Oral Ayurvedic therapy for animals
- Ayurvedic excipients
- Dosage of Ayurvedic medicinal plants for animals

3 - Ayurvedic dietetics for animals
- The healing power of feeding
- Food for healthy doshas
- Grains and pulses
- Vegetables and fruit
- Animal products
- Spices and herbs
- Dietetics for the dhatus

4 - Ayurvedic spices and herbs
- Spices for everyday use
- Herbs from your own garden
- Therapeutic spices

5 - Rasayanas and feed supplements
- Rasayanas for animal health
- Therapeutic feed supplements
- Ayurvedic combination preparations for animals

6 - Home remedies for animals Home pharmacy for animals
- Good for digestion
- Good for the immune system
- Good for coat and skin
- Good for liver and kidneys
- Good for heart and circulation
- Good for the respiratory system
- Good for the musculoskeletal system
- Good for the psyche

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45 Lessons 45 learning hrs of which 5 hrs live-webinar

from € 520
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