Vastu - the Ayurveda of living - designing healthy spaces

Create a place that nourishes and strengthens you, catches and carries you

The traditional Vedic architecture and spatial theory is based on the understanding of a natural energetic matrix. The design and orientation of a house or apartment also plays a special role. Rooms in which the Vastu principles are introduced, vibrate warmly and harmoniously and promote the well-being of its inhabitants.

The holistic view of one's own living space opens up new perspectives and potentials for strengthening health and life energy. Analyzing the matrix of a space and feeling its pulse forms the basis for this unique therapeutic approach about space - that protective shell that surrounds us almost constantly.

In this lively practical seminar you will learn amazingly effective principles and methods of harmonious room design according to Vastu-Shastra and afterwards you will know how to harmonize the matrix of your home with the solar-spectral cycle.

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- The secret of healing rooms 1
- working principle & basics of Vastu-Shastra
- origin and history of development
- bipolar main currents of Prana
- axis of stability for man and room
- structuring of room and function sequences according to the 5 elements and pole alignment
- Surya-Kala-Vastu: solar-spectral cycle as basis of directional and spatial qualities
- basic rules for home furnishing and use
- first analysis of apartment & house plans
- effect of colors, scents and minerals
- harmonious alignment of space and functional sequences according to elements/planets

For whom?

Architects, Feng Shui consultants, geomancers and all those interested in the topic


Mark Rosenberg
Mark Rosenberg

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Seminar fee from € 340

Please note the price information at the respective module dates.

plus room and board - only for attendance dates in Birstein

On the campus of the European Academy of Ayurveda there are guest houses available. For your overnight stay during the training you can choose from rooms of different categories. Ayurvedic full board from our organic kitchen is included in the room price.

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By invoice: Due 14 days before the start of the seminar

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Required previous knowledge:

2 Days 30 learning hrs of which 15 hrs presence
2 Days 30 learning hrs of which 15 hrs live-webinar

from € 340
Plus board and lodging if applicable

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