Vastu Purusha Mandala, Heart Space, Activation of the Matrix

The apartment a mandala? Yes, in Vastu we work with healing proportions and colors and an open "heart space".

A room can only vibrate if it is well designed as a resonating body. Because every room is in relation to its environment and the forces of nature. But also in the interior of the room only balanced proportions and well-designed conditions allow a healthy resonance. Ayurveda for the living space opens a fascinating new view on the effect of the rooms we live in and the possibilities to define a healing natural vibration.

In this module you will learn the secret of the Vastu-Purush Mandala and how to align your home or house with it. In this way you heal your home or your workplace and gain vitality.

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- The secret of healing spaces 2
- the relationship between man and space, consciousness and matter, limited and unlimited space
- the heart point and the third dimension
- working with the 9 matrix and the ray diagram
- analysis of properties: location and shape, entrances and openings, incidence of light and energy flows
- global, local and individual aspects in Vastu analysis
- possibilities and limits in changing houses and apartments


Mark Rosenberg
Mark Rosenberg

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