The gates of the wind - musculoskeletal system and the flow of prana

Pranayama is more than a repertoire of yogic breathing techniques: If we integrate the Ayurvedic knowledge of the five vayus of Vata with conscious regulation of the breath, this is a key to relieving pain, cardiovascular complaints and stress-related illnesses.

Discover the gates of the wind - the vayus - and their significance in asana practice for pain in the back, heart, migraines or joints.

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- Getting to know the bandhas ( seals) of the body and connecting them with the healing art of breath
- Gentle pranayama and asana adjustments to relieve musculoskeletal complaints: back, shoulder/neck pain
- Fascia, joints. Muscles and breath in yoga therapy
- Deepening hands-on alignments
- Yoga breathing techniques for prana flow: pranayama intensive
- Feeling stability and lightness through the practice of the 5 vayus (gates of wind): explore, experience, apply


Manuela Heider de Jahnsen

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