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The annual programme 2020/21

The free annual program represents the entire offer of the academy. In it, you can find extensive information about our studies, trainings and seminars as well as browse through some interviews with our experts. Of course, we also list our annual highlights.

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The brochure about our Ayurveda cures

Let the special atmosphere in our Ayurveda health and spa centre take effect on you. In our spa brochure you will find all the information about our medical cures, regeneration cures and retreats. For all those who would like to dive into the world of Ayurveda right now, the spa brochure is available as a PDF.

The Rosenberg Newsletter

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    We share with you the latest news and articles from the world of Ayurveda as well as recipes from the Birsteiner organic Ayurveda cuisine and of course information about our educational offerings.

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