Vastu-Shastra - Advisor for healthy interior design and building art

  • Create harmonious and healing spaces.

  • Optimize your own living space with the help of Vastu.

  • Sensitize yourself to the perception of energetic qualities of space.

Rooms have an effect on us. They clothe us. They give us energy, inspire the mind or serve as a haven of peace. Or not! Vastu Shastra is the traditional Indian art of aligning and designing space in a positive way. The training in Vastu-Shastra aims to provide a holistic scientific approach to this ancient teaching: Vastu measures are not to be taught here as a fixed set of rules, the non-compliance of which threatens disaster. Rather, the traditional Vedic art of building is presented as an art of design that can be individually modulated, and with its help it is possible to form the (living) space in such a way that it strengthens and promotes personal life. For example, colour, form and proportion influence people. When a space is created as a living and dynamic energetic matrix, a targeted effect is created that can favourably influence professional success, physical immunity and spiritual development.

In addition to the scientific and design content, the training concept enables all participants to experience the energetic qualities of space. With the help of many case studies and an excursion, the possibilities of Vastu counselling on a creative, therapeutic and energetic level are illustrated in a way that is true to life.

Learning objectives

Competence gain
- You will receive a well-founded introduction to the individual analysis and Vastu measures for the energetic and functional quality of properties, buildings, apartments and business premises.
- You learn to align rooms according to the aspects of Vedic architecture as well as the harmonic laws of nature, i.e. the elements and solar and magnetic field forces.
- You acquire the ability to analyse rooms with their inhabitants according to Vastu criteria, to work out suggestions for corrections and to implement them within the framework of consultations.


Scope and Procedure
The training in Vastu-Shastra comprises 11 training days incl. final examination. The practice-oriented training takes place as a weekend course (3 x 2 days and 1 x 3 days) followed by an examination (1 day). Also new is a one-week compact training within the framework of our summer academy.

The training concludes after successful presentation of a practical case together with an oral examination with the certificate as a Vastu Shastra consultant for healthy interior design and construction.


Vastu - the Ayurveda of living - designing healthy rooms
- the secret of healing rooms 1
- working principle & basics of Vastu-Shastra
- origin and history of development
- bipolar main currents of Prana
- axis of stability for man and space
- structuring of room and function sequences according to the 5 elements and pole alignment
- Surya-Kala-Vastu: solar-spectral cycle as basis of directional and spatial qualities
- basic rules for home furnishing and use
- first analysis of apartment & house plans
- effect of colours, scents and minerals
- harmonious alignment of room and function sequences according to elements/planets

Vastu-Purusha-Mandala, heart space, activation of the matrix
- the secret of healing spaces 2
- the relationship between man and space, consciousness and matter, limited and unlimited space
- the heart point and the third dimension
- working with the 9 matrix and the ray diagram
- analysis of properties: Location and shape, entrances and openings, incidence of light and energy currents
- global, local and individual aspects in Vastu analysis
- possibilities and limitations in changing houses and apartments

Geopathology, excursion, corrections and spatial therapy I
- perceptions of land and landscapes, of architecture and buildings
- communication with the "soul of the place"
- sensing earth pulses and energetic qualities in nature
- perceptions of one's own energetic body
- from the inside to the outside
- activation exercises, meditations
- perceptions of energy fields
- the three-dimensional Vastu space analysis
- methods of space therapy and planning
- case studies / exercises
- excursions, city tour and analysis

business premises, corrections and space therapy II
- analysis and evaluation of so-called "missing areas": traditional and as growth.
Vastu in the therapy of psychological "systems" and patterns
- working with aids (mandala, yantra, mirror etc.))
- practice of individual analysis and counselling
- Vastu for commercial and social objects
- space order therapy for living and working communities
- presentation of a practice case
- counselling priority grid

case studies, practice seminar, competence matching
- presentation of a practice case with competence matching
- discussion of ways in space therapy
- professional process of a counselling
- deepening and complementary topics


Training fee from € 360

minus discount for payment in one sum in advance € 0

plus accommodation and meals - only for attendance dates in Birstein

Guest houses are available on the campus of the European Academy of Ayurveda. For your overnight stay during the training you can choose from rooms of different categories. Ayurvedic full board from our organic kitchen is included in the room price.

Method of payment

Deposit € 500

Final payment

a) In one sum at the latest one month before the start of the training (for eAcademy modules immediately, otherwise at the latest one month before the booked start of the training).
b) Monthly instalments of 250 EUR each by direct debit. The payment (debiting) of the monthly instalments takes place on the 1st of the month, starting from the month of the booked beginning of the training, in case of eAcademy modules immediately. If the training begins with modules of the eAcademy, the activation takes place provisionally immediately after receipt of the deposit, regularly then after receipt of the first monthly installment.


Rosenberg gGmbH - European Academy for Ayurveda | DE - 63633 Birstein

For whom?

Especially recommended for
- people with an interest in space and design
- architects and interior designers
- geomancers and Feng Shui consultants
- Ayurveda consultants or doctors who would like to holistically supplement their analysis and therapy spectrum.
- People who want to energetically optimize their personal living and working environment.

At a glance

Required previous knowledge:


Examination with degree: Vastu-Shastra-Consultant

10 days
75 hours attendance (equivalent online)
150 learning hours

Training fee from € 360

if necessary plus board and lodging

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Basic modules

Vastu - the Ayurveda of living - designing healthy rooms

Vastu Purusha Mandala, Heart Space, Activation of the Matrix

Advanced modules

Attendance of at least 1 basic module is recommended beforehand

Geopathology, excursion, corrections and spatial therapy I

2 days

Business premises, corrections and space therapy II

2 days

Competence modules

Only recommended towards the end of the training

Case studies, practical seminar, competence comparison

Entry-level seminars

Just get started...

First have a look, then decide - all seminars can be credited towards a later training course.

Dates 2022

The training to become a Vastu Shastra consultant will start again in 2022. You will find the new dates soon on this website - check back soon!