Dhatus - diagnosis, therapy and psychosomatics

Dosha can everyone - Dhatu is for advanced users

In practical everyday life, the dhatus (tissues) are difficult to grasp directly, although we encounter them all the time. On the other hand, the associated upadhatus (secondary tissues) and malas (waste products) can be directly perceived very well.
In this seminar you will see how to deal with the dhatus diagnostically and therapeutically. They can be treated directly through certain plants and mantras and also have a close connection to the psyche. A seminar from practice with many case studies.

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- Overview of the origin of the Dhatus from the food
- Importance of the individual Agnis
- Mutual influence of the Dhatus among themselves and to the Doshas
- Disease, Symptom reference of the individual Dhatus
- Upadhatus and Malas
- Psychological reference of the individual Dhatus
- Therapy by nutrition, lifestyle, massages, herbs and discharging procedures for each individual Dhatu
- Case examples from the Ayurveda medicine practice

For whom?

all who have Ayurveda basics, for example Ayurveda Basic Course - Concepts and Factors of Disease (ABK)

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Seminar fee from € 999999

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By invoice: Due 14 days before the start of the seminar

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Required previous knowledge:
Ayurveda Basic Course - Concepts and Factors of Disease or

2 Days 30 learning hrs of which 15 hrs presence

from € 340
Plus board and lodging if applicable

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