Kalari full body massage

Awaken the dynamic power of the body

The Kalari Marma massage is a dynamic massage form from southern India and is used for the therapeutic balancing of energetic blockages as well as the strengthening and mobilization of the musculoskeletal system. Blocked Marmas (vital points) can "open up" again, clogged Nadis (energy channels) become more permeable. The Kalari massage leads to dissolving processes on all levels of the tissue structures and thus to a profound cleansing and harmonization of all body circuits.

This 3-day intensive course teaches the Kalari massage from the South Indian tradition of Kalari Payattu in its Western application form. It is the basic treatment for further forms of therapy from the tradition of Mama Nadi treatments (see seminars on Marma Therapy).

No previous knowledge is required. Basic knowledge of Ayurvedic constitutional theory is helpful.

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- Effect, indications and contraindications of the Kalari Ayurveda-
whole body massage
basic techniques and application of the Kalari Ayurveda whole body massage with its different grips, dynamic strokes and sequences
- practical practice of the Kalari massage with integrated Marma therapy
- definition of Marma, Nadi and five Marma groups

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This seminar is suitable for all those interested in Ayurvedic massage


Karin Bachmaier
Karin Bachmaier
Stefan Pachinger Porträt
Stefan Pachinger
Simone Peer

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3 Days 45 learning hrs of which 22,5 hrs presence

from € 545
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