Clinic: Psychosomatics and psychology

According to Ayurveda, body and psyche are inseparable. It is fascinating to see how central concepts of modern psychology emerged early on in Ayurveda, yoga and ancient Indian philosophy.

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- Relationship of body (sharira) and psyche (sattva)
- The self (atman) as a basis of health
- Comparison of modern psychology, yoga psychology and Ayurveda psychology
- Ayurvedic psychosomatics and treatment strategies
- Human resources, vulnerability and resilience
- Personality variables (vasana, samskara)
- Identification (asmita)
- Projection (adhyaropa)
- Complications (klesha)
- Vata, stress and pain
- Relaxation, mindfulness and meditation
- Depth psychology, dreams, inner images, symbols and mythology
- Spiritual and transpersonal dimensions of therapy


Prof Dr. Martin Mittwede
Dr. Martin Mittwede

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3 Days 45 learning hrs of which 22,5 hrs live-webinar

from € 690
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