The Ayurveda medicine chest - health tips and recipes (SmartLearning)

Simple Ayurveda home remedies for complaints ABC from A-Z

Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India, has a wealth of tried and tested recommendations for strengthening physical and mental well-being. Simple health tips, spice and herbal mixtures serve as home remedies for everyday ailments and help to strengthen your own health and immune system.

Use Ayurveda to help yourself and your family. In the Ayurveda medicine cabinet, you will find recommendations and recipes organized from A-Z that have proven to be a quick remedy for simple ailments such as headaches, stomach aches or colds in traditional Ayurvedic medicine

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- Tried and tested Ayurveda knowledge to strengthen your health in everyday life
- Complaint ABC with Ayurveda tips and recipes to make yourself
- Practical instructions, videos and product recommendations

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- Anyone who wants to use Ayurveda to improve their own health
- for reference by Ayurveda health coaches, nutritionists and therapists

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