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The European Academy for Ayurveda trains Ayurveda nutrition trainers, Ayurveda cooks and Ayurveda wellness practitioners in Austria. Especially with the latter degree you acquire the necessary qualification to practice Ayurveda on the domestic health market - with state recognition. The well-founded training equips you with the necessary tools to help people with competent advice and treatment to holistic health.

Those who first want to get to know Ayurveda and use it for themselves also have the choice between numerous seminars or can attend the wellness practitioner modules in nutrition or massage individually.

The Ayurveda offer in Austria

Ayurveda Seminars

A first introduction to get a taste of it, as professional training or as a refresher.

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Get to know us and Ayurveda - on site in Vienna or Klosterneuburg or simply online. Look forward to: Lectures - Training info - Meet lecturers

Petra Wolfinger is your contact person

Ayurveda passion with heart and hand

Petra Wolfinger has been involved with Ayurveda since 2000. Originally a qualified nurse, she worked in sales in medical technology worldwide for 15 years before she began her training as an Ayurveda therapist and yoga teacher. Since 2007 she has been managing the representative office of the European Academy of Ayurveda in Austria and teaches Ayurveda massage, Ayurveda women's and paediatrics and Ayurveda for stress prevention. Since 2006 she runs her own practice near Vienna. She is a mother of 2 children and is always enthusiastic about how easy Ayurveda "works". Whether in the kitchen or at the massage bench.

She is also the author, together with Kerstin Rosenberg, of the book "Mit Ayurveda durch die Wechseljahre".

Petra, what fascinates you about Ayurveda? How did you catch fire back then?

I travelled to India in 2000 for my very first Ayurveda cure. At that time I was already 38 years old, had two miscarriages and an underlying disease, local doctors did not give me any hope that it could still work in my "old age". I knew India professionally, I was an internationally active key account manager in a medical technology company and had about 200 travel days a year. So I set up home in a resort in Kerala. It was anything but easy and light at the beginning. On the second day I would have loved to leave already. But the doctor who took my pulse asked me only one question: Why are you here? In the most beautiful Pitta manner I then listed everything that was so important in terms of content and he heard three sentences, took my pulse and again said only one sentence: You have the wrong profession. That was it for him and left me mighty speechless. The first treatments were exhausting, for yoga I was allowed to line up at 5 in the morning, I couldn't avoid it. There was only electricity by the hour, no phone, no fax, nothing. Just me, the treatments and nature. After three weeks I was like transformed and also there Pitta is a good driver: I just wanted to know everything about Ayurveda. But then I had to wait a good year, because shortly afterwards I got pregnant and the child was born in 2001, the second then in 2004. I simply owe everything to Ayurveda.

What are the perspectives for Ayurveda graduates in Austria at the moment? Do you see any potential here?

The perspectives are regulated in Austria. But this also serves the purpose of quality assurance. Our Ayurveda wellness practitioners have a profound knowledge and a high level of competence. After all, there are 765 hours of training in a minimum training period of three years. This not only enables a job in a hotel, Ayurveda resort or as a spa attendant. It enables you to run your own practice in Austria. I have been associated with Ayurveda and Yoga for almost 20 years now and I observe that Ayurveda itself no longer needs to be explained. The situations where Ayurveda was confused with Aloe Vera are fortunately a thing of the past. And Ayurvedic cuisine is also no longer a purely "Indian" subject. People's awareness has changed and this of course also holds a good potential for us practitioners.

Who are our trainings and seminars aimed at? What should our students bring with them?

You should bring along interest and joy in something new. Ayurveda opens your eyes and heart. It is like a return to the origin, back to nature. The knowledge of life, the knowledge of the connections between food and the effects on body and psyche. The knowledge of touch and applications on the body. Every person who is interested in his own health can find seminars with us, which support him in life and make life a bit more beautiful.

Ayurveda offers everything that we usually find attractive: millennia-old wisdom, easy to use, sensual and full of meaning and great variety of tastes for gourmets. A benefit on all levels, body, mind and soul profit.

Ayurveda trainings - competence from one source

Ayurvedic Wellbeing Practitioner

Well-founded practical training for the recognized practice of Ayurvedic massage, lifestyle coaching and wellness therapy in Austria.

Ayurvedic Chef

Creativity and joy in cooking and enjoying: Get to know the Ayurvedic art of cooking in its diversity and give new health, zest for life and healing for body and mind with delicious recipes.

Ayurveda Nutrition and Health Trainer

Practice-oriented training in individual Ayurvedic nutrition. You learn to balance the physical and mental constitution with dietetic concepts, to treat mood disorders and to carry out health coaching based on Ayurvedic psychology.

I found my year of training as an Ayurvedic nutrition and health advisor very enriching. The seminars were well structured, the lecturers were not only professionally excellent, but also humanly very likeable. I found each and every one of them to be very committed, very enthusiastic and super inspiring. I also found the group of my training colleagues very enriching. I am still in regular contact with some of my colleagues 7 years later, especially via Facebook. I also find the congresses organized by the Ayurveda Academy in Vienna horizon-expanding, educational and heart-warming. I thank you very much for all the changes that my training with you has brought about in my life and wish you all the best in the future!

Cornelia Pessenlehner Consultant for Burnout Prevention and Ayurveda Nutrition

Upcoming seminars

Ayurvedic nutrition according to type

In this lively and informative intensive seminar you will gain a comprehensive insight into the complex application of Ayurvedic nutrition to strengthen health and balance Dosha and Agni.

  • 50% of the personal state of health depends on the individual diet
  • Nutrition determines the function of the metabolism, the tissue structure as well as the physical and mental condition.

Cooking Ayurvedic can be quite simple and can be done with little time investment.
You learn:

  • the basics of Ayurvedic cooking
  • how to use spices
  • different vegetable variations
  • the preparation of grains as well as the sources of protein

Along the way, you will learn what to look for in the menu and how to feel better, healthier and better thanks to Ayurvedic principles.

Abhyanga full body massage

The three-day intensive course teaches the Ayurvedic full-body oil massage Abhyanga in its holistic effect on body, mind and soul. The comprehensive treatment process with its various strokes, massage grips and sequences is explained, practiced and supervised in detail.

Learn to cook Ayurvedic with Adi Raihmann

Adi Raihmann, owner of Karma Food-Delis in Vienna, was practically born into the cradle of Ayurvedic food. This authentic feeling paired with professional training with us make him a charming, talented and knowledgeable cooking school director at the Vienna/Klosterneuburg location.

In the interview with Petra Wolfinger you will learn about his background, his passion for cooking, his attitude towards nutrition and his freestyle cooking courses.

If you're in Vienna, stop by one of his seven delis.

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Representative Petra Wolfinger and her team


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