Chronic kidney disease (other than diabetic nephropathy)

Clinical study on 100 patients

Patel MV, Gupta SN, Patel NG. Effects of Ayurvedic treatment on 100 patients of chronic renal failure (other than diabetic nephropathy). Ayu. 2011;32(4):483-486.


Chronic renal failure (CRF) refers to irreversible deterioration of renal function that develops over years. When the filtration rate is severely reduced, the conventional approach to treatment includes dialysis and kidney transplantation, which are not affordable to the Indian population mainly due to economic reasons. Hence, there is a need to explore a safe and alternative therapy that will prove helpful in reducing the need for dialysis and delaying the need for kidney transplantation.

A clinical trial was conducted on 100 CRF patients at Patel Ayurved Hospital, Nadiad. They were given daily enemas (Niruha basti of Punarnavadi kvatha) in combination with oral medicines (including Goksuradi guggulu, Rasayana churna and Varunadi kvatha) for a period of one month. The patients of CRF who had diabetic nephropathy as a cause were excluded as a separate study was conducted on diabetic nephropathy. Result: Symptoms, serum creatinine, blood urea, urine albumin levels were reduced and general condition of the patients improved which was found to be highly statistically significant.