Ayurveda Food Festival

on June 1 & 2, 2024 in Birstein - SAVE THE DATE! TICKETS available at the beginning of 2024


Do you love Ayurveda and Ayurvedic cuisine?

Then the Ayurveda Food Festival in Birstein is the right place for you! Experience and taste the highlights of Ayurvedic cuisine with culinary delights and live cooking at the food stands of innovative Ayurvedic chefs.


Immerse yourself in the Ayurveda community around healthy food, indulgence & dietetics:

  • Ayurveda food stands with Ayurvedic tapas, anti pasti, vegan bowls, chapatis with chutneys & Ayurvedic fusion cuisine

  • Yoga in the morning for a strong agni & good dosha flow

  • Numerous lectures, workshops & cooking shows for beginners and experts

  • Exchange market for Ayurveda & cookbooks

  • Ayurveda Food Festival Party with music & cocktails for every dosha type

Ayurveda Food Stands 2024

Health and enjoyment with all your senses

On Saturday from 3 p.m., various food stands await you on our idyllic outdoor area in Birstein. At each stand you will experience the diversity of Ayurvedic cuisine. Look forward to:

  • Incredible India - vegan curries & chapati
  • Street food - samosa & pakora with chutney
  • Gourmet - Ayurveda tapas for gourmets
  • Bella Italia - Ayurvedic lasagna, pizza & tiramisu
  • Energy Food - soups & salads
  • AyurVeg - vegetarian burgers with sauces for every dosha type
  • Healthy Sweets - Ayurvedic sweets & cakes
  • Ayurvedic breakfast variations - from sheera to waffles

  • Ayurvedic drinks - lassi, iced tea & dosha-limos

  • and much more...


Saturday 15.00 - 20.00

  • Ayurvedic delicacies at the food stands
  • Lectures, workshops & live demos on Ayurveda nutrition & the art of cooking

Saturday from 19.00 hrs

  • Ayurveda Food Festival Party with music and mocktails & cocktails for every dosha type

Sunday 8.30 - 10.30 a.m.

  • Yoga in the morning for a strong Agni & good Dosha flow
  • Ayurvedic breakfast with freshly baked breakfast waffles, vegan porridge with fruit, Indian sheera and homemade granola for every dosha type

Sunday 11.00 - 14.30

  • Ayurvedic delicacies at the food stands
  • Lectures, workshops & live demos on Ayurvedic nutrition & cooking

Note: Food and drinks are not included in the ticket price. You can pay with chips or tokens at the food stands. These are available at reception throughout the festival.

Our chefs

Stefanie Dellinger & Annette Heber

As a holistic health & nutrition consultant and Ayurveda cook, Stefanie shares her knowledge in Ayurveda coaching, cooking courses, workshops and catering. Annette works as a Strategic Account Manager and lives out her vocation as an Ayurveda chef and certified health & nutrition consultant.

Oliver Herrlich

As a trained chef with 30 years of experience, Oliver interprets Ayurvedic cuisine in a sustainable way using regional organic products and local recipes. With careful consideration, he creates vegetarian and vegan Ayurvedic cuisine in a creative, colorful and diverse way.

Sabine Holzapfel

Sabine has a background in Michelin-starred gastronomy and knows what discerning guests dream of. Her heart beats for Ayurvedic gourmet cuisine, in which she combines innovation, creativity and enjoyment in a healthy way.

Ariane Hotzel

Ariane is a health & life coach, Ayurveda health consultant and yoga teacher. She accompanies people in coaching sessions, workshops and retreats. She also works at the Rosenberg Health and Spa Center as part of Sattva Yoga retreats and Rasayana cures. Her book "Ayurveda - Simply Do It" reflects Ariane's pragmatic approach that is suitable for everyday life.

Matthias Ritschel

Matthias can be found at cooking courses, on retreats at home and abroad and, since February 2023, in the Rosenberg Ayurveda kitchen. The former competitive athlete has always been interested in healthy food and enjoys transforming it into delicious dishes so that the attributes of enjoyment and pleasure are not neglected alongside the nourishing factors.

Kerstin Rosenberg

The Managing Director of Rosenberg Ayurveda is not only the author of numerous well-known works of Ayurveda literature and an internationally sought-after Ayurveda specialist, but also a very popular lecturer, a great Ayurveda cook and the initiator of the Ayurveda Food Festival. We owe the legendary reputation of our Ayurveda cuisine in Birstein not least to her.

Udo Schneider

In his career as a professional gourmet chef in international gastronomy, Udo has already practiced many styles of cuisine and provided culinary enthusiasm on countless occasions. With his experience and love of good food, he continues to bring the art of Ayurvedic cooking and its flavors to Rosenberg Ayurveda.

Ranga Soysa

Ranga has known Ayurveda since childhood in his native Sri Lanka. The professional chef is an expert in Asian cuisine. He cooks with great passion and a fine sense for spices. It makes him particularly happy to cook and pamper people with the healing cuisine of Ayurveda.

Dag Weinmann

The long-standing chef at Rosenberg Ayurveda has been pampering seminar and spa guests in Birstein with his creative Ayurveda cuisine for over 15 years. Also trained as an Ayurveda specialist, Dag has led well over 100 cooking courses internationally and provided culinary support for numerous events, retreats and cures.

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