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Vata disorder "winter depression

Interview with Petra Brattinger, Ayurveda therapist and lecturer at the European Academy for Ayurveda

Depression is one of the most widespread symptoms of our time. How is this phenomenon viewed from the Ayurvedic point of view?

From an Ayurvedic point of view, depression is primarily to be classified as a Vata disorder. Whereby from my experience an exact Dosha consideration must be made. Pitta and Kapha disorders also play an important role in this health disorder. Especially the interaction of physical and mental posture needs a lot of attention.

Why do many people suffer from it especially in winter? Or is it, in your opinion, a false myth that there is more depression in winter?

Especially in November these complaints increase. The days get shorter, the weather depresses the mood. Activities become very reduced. Very often clients tell of loss, death, disappointment and increased anxiety, which often increases at this time of year.

How do you work with clients/patients in your practice who suffer from depression?

From a therapy perspective, Abhyanga (Snehana) and Svedana are the main focus. The diet must be sattvic at all costs. Warm, fresh and cooked food. Not too MUCH!

The psychological part is the most important in my view. Affected people need individual talks. What is very well accepted are special chores: What do you want to change for yourself? What is your top priority for change?

In addition, there are tips for physical activities such as yoga as well as for meditation and breathing techniques. I also like to give suggestions for group work to decelerate your own issue.

Can you give us two or three good tips / therapy recommendations from your wealth of experience that can give help to sufferers?

A sequence of abhyangas followed by svedanas is recommended. To get to know the sattiv diet, a cooking class in a small group is suitable.

For people who lose their inner balance during the winter months, a course in yoga and meditation is a good way to find their centre again.

Petra Brattinger

About Petra Brattinger

Petra Brattinger is a state-certified masseuse and medical bath attendant with a focus on physiotherapy. She completed her Ayurveda training at the European Academy for Ayurveda Birstein and at the Ayurveda Clinic Nadiad (India). She has a wealth of experience from her many years of work in the prevention and spa sector in Germany, Italy, India and Switzerland and was responsible for the development and management of an Ayurveda department in a renowned spa and wellness hotel. She is currently in charge of the manual therapy department at the AyurSan Clinic in Rotthalmünster and is committed to quality assurance in the field of Ayurveda therapy as a member of the board of VEAT - Verband Europäischer Ayurveda-Mediziner und -Therapeuten e.V. (Association of European Ayurveda Physicians and Therapists).