Ayurveda for animals

Ayurveda for animals? Yes, exactly - because Indian medicine can even guide our beloved four-legged friends towards a healthy and type-appropriate diet and lifestyle, from determining their constitution to herbal therapy and oil massages. In our online training course to become an Ayurvedic animal health coach, you will learn which feeding, husbandry and training methods are good for dogs, cats and horses and how you can help them with Ayurvedic therapy methods in the event of illness.

Our renowned experts provide you with 100% sound Ayurveda knowledge and accompany you personally on your way to a recognized and qualified Ayurveda training. You can usually complete the seminars set out in the training curriculum on site (p), as a live webinar (w) or as eLearning (e). It is also possible to attend a single seminar first.

Ayurveda training for animals

You have created such a wonderful place for healing on all levels in Birstein. I would start this training again at any time - it was one of the best decisions of my life!

Nelly Grandel Ayurveda health and nutrition consultant

Seminars in the field of Ayurveda for animals