Ayurveda taster courses

Our free taster courses give you access to the first module of the relevant seminar as an eLearning course. This gives you a non-binding insight into the respective content and allows you to see whether the topic is really right for you. You will also get an impression of the way and depth in which we teach Ayurveda. And even though learning together in our face-to-face seminars is of course always a benefit, e-learning can be a good alternative for a variety of reasons.


Basic knowledge and psychology taster courses

Would you like a well-founded, exciting and practice-oriented introduction to Ayurveda? Whether out of personal interest or as a basis for a later vocation, the Ayurveda basic course is a very good, albeit equally demanding, start. Ayurvedic psychology is about strengthening mental health in accordance with the physical and mental constitution and using the psychological and spiritual therapies of Ayurveda.

Ayurveda basic course

Gain an initial insight into the comprehensive basic Ayurveda course. Studying Ayurveda, the "knowledge of life", is an immersion in the many holistic aspects of the philosophy, anatomy, physiology and pathology of traditional Indian medicine.

Seeing with the heart – Ayurvedic psychology for all types

Immerse yourself in the basics of Ayurvedic psychology and applied yoga philosophy. Experience the gentle and empathetic way to discover your own potential and accompany people in their solution-oriented processes. In this course you can experience an excerpt from the original eSeminar.

Taster courses in the field of Ayurveda nutrition

Ayurvedic cuisine not only tastes particularly good, the holistic nutritional teachings also have a healthy and healing effect. Ayurveda lays the foundation for a long and healthy life with a selection of foods and spices tailored to your type. Diet-related complaints can also be treated effectively by changing your diet. Many illnesses that limit our quality and duration of life can be traced back to an incorrect diet.

Type-appropriate Ayurveda nutrition

The right diet is an important component of Ayurvedic medicine and therapy. Up to 50% of the personal state of health depends on the individual's diet. Daily meals determine the function of the metabolism, the tissue structure and the physical and mental state of a person.

Spices, herbalism, medicine chest

Ayurveda describes spices as the nectar of the gods: even small amounts can change the effect of food, make dishes tasty and have a healing effect on body and soul. Learn to classify spices according to Ayurvedic principles and turn your spice rack into a medicine cabinet. Effect of spices on nutrition, constiution and metabolism.

Taster courses from the Specials area

The subject areas of Ayurveda are incredibly diverse. We consider it a great privilege to be able to count the luminaries of special subject areas among our lecturers. In the Specials section, you will find specialist training courses and seminars such as Ayurveda for women or Ayurveda for children and Ayurveda for animals. There are also Ayurveda & Business offers, which focus in particular on Ayurveda and your professional success.

Ayurveda for women and stress-related illnesses

Ayurvedic teachings have a wealth of knowledge in gynecology. The holistic treatment methods, nutritional recommendations and herbal formulas are specially tailored to the needs of (pregnant) women.

Ayurveda and medicine for children

This course teaches the holistic pediatric medicine Bala Roga in a practical way that is easy to implement in everyday life. You will learn how to apply the knowledge of Ayurvedic pediatrics with many examples for the direct integration of theory into everyday life.

Ayurveda for animals / Animal health coach

Ayurveda is also an effective and holistic path to better health for animals. The focus here is on Ayurvedic therapy through nutrition, herbs and manual therapy for animals. Learn to determine the constitution of animals and analyze the cause of an ailment from an Ayurvedic perspective

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In the FAQs you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our Ayurveda training courses and seminars.

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What makes the European Academy of Ayurveda special



100% well-founded Ayurveda knowledge

There is now a wide range of Ayurveda courses and training on offer. It is not easy to compare everything and make the right decision. At the European Academy of Ayurveda, you can rely on us to impart in-depth knowledge and the complexity of Ayurveda. With success. Time and again we receive enthusiastic feedback from our participants, especially in this regard.



Learning the way you like it: face-to-face, webinar, eLearning

You can learn with us not only in traditional face-to-face classes or via live webinars. You are completely independent in terms of time and location with the Rosenberg eAcademy's interactive learning trainings: video and audio streams, practice questions, learning checks and other valuable additional material. And it's always worth making the journey to Birstein (Hesse), the lively center of our academy, because here you will meet like-minded people who will inspire you.



International team of lecturers

Learn from the best! The Ayurvedic expertise of the Academy's teaching staff is unique in Europe. We work with a large team of lecturers from Europe and India. They all havemany years of professional experience and in-depth knowledge in their respective fields. In this way, you will get to know Ayurveda in its various facets.



Training & seminars in a flexible modular system

Follow your own curriculum! The order, times and locations of the modules are flexible in many training courses. You can put together the individual modules in the way that best suits your life. Have you "only" completed one seminar so far? No problem, you can decide to switch to a full training course at any time and the seminar will be credited accordingly.



Individual & personal study support

Your path with Ayurveda is important to us. You will receive personal advice and support from our school or course management. Our lecturers will also be happy to provide you with individual mentoring. In regular InfoTalks, colloquia and Q&A sessions, we present case studies and exchange ideas with each other. And there is a brand new Dharma & Business, a special offer for your professional success with Ayurveda.



Recognized degrees & certified quality

There is now a wide range of Ayurveda courses and training on offer. It is not easy to compare everything and make the right decision. At the European Academy of Ayurveda, you can rely on us to impart in-depth knowledge and the complexity of Ayurveda. With success. Time and again we receive enthusiastic feedback from our participants, especially in this regard.

Learn Ayurveda - when, where and as much as you want

Three forms of learning - one academy

  • Classroom seminar (P) Practical lessons on site at the Birstein campus, in Austria or Switzerland
  • Webinar (W): Online lessons from experienced lecturers via livestream on a fixed date
  • eLearning (e): Interactive online training that gives you complete flexibility in terms of time and location

As a participant, you will receive access to our eAcademy, a modern platform with your course content, learning checks and much more.

Seminar or training with certificate

Our training courses are made up of several 3-day seminars, like a modular system. You can book the entire training course straight away, or just a beginner's seminar to get to know us, which we will credit to you later.

For each module, you decide on the form of learning and the date, and set your own pace. There are also seminars for Ayurveda professionals as further training on a specific topic.

The international team of lecturers

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