Study tour: Ayurveda Massage Therapy in Kerala (India)

Perfect your massage skills at the source of Ayurveda

The study tour Ayurveda Massage and Special Treatments was developed by the lecturers of the academy in cooperation with the renowned Ashtavaidyan Prof. Dr. Narayanan Nambi MD (Ayu) in Kerala, India. He comes from one of the most venerable families of traditional medicine practitioners in India and runs a renowned private Ayurveda hospital in Thrissur, Kerala (Thrissur Thaikat Mooss' SNA Oushadhasala). Prof. Dr. Nambi and his team have more than 20 years of experience with massage training and international participants.

The tour group is accompanied by Petra Wolfinger and receives daily lessons in theory and practice. Participants deepen their knowledge of therapeutic treatments and special applications such as therapeutic abhyanga, dharas, the effects of oils and more.

The intensive program is designed as advanced training for Ayurveda massage practitioners, therapists and Ayurveda naturopaths and physicians who practice massage / bodywork.

The study program includes at least 6 hours of theory and practice over 7 days. One day of excursions is planned in between.

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* Optional afterwards: Food as Medicine study trip to Pune and Delhi (can be booked in combination and with a tour guide throughout)

Option: On the day of departure (23.02.), you have the opportunity to get to know the old town of Cochin together with the tour guide.

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Learn Ayurvedic treatments recommended for the following conditions - in theory and practice:

- Rheumatism and polyarthritis: massage techniques with and without oil as well as with kashyams, dry treatments with sandbags (baluka) as well as curna pinda herbal kizhichils or fresh leaf pinda, patra potali and corresponding lepas etc.
- Neurological diseases such as restless legs, Parkinson's, fibromyalgia: "therapeutic abhyanga" (a special form of full-body massage), suitable oils and kizhichils, etc.
- Migraines and headaches, shoulder stiffness (frozen shoulder syndrome): Shiro Basti, Shiro Abhyanga, Pizhichil & Lepas, special neck therapies and seated massages, etc.
- Skin: Oils for Kushta (psoriasis) or neurodermatitis, acne, allergies, herpes zoster
- Emotional blockages: Abdominal massage, Marma Basti or Dhara, treatments for mental disorders (for example depression, adjustment disorders hypersensitivity), knowledge of the chakras as well as spiritual therapies


This is all included in the study trip fee of EUR 1,080:
- 7 days of classes: teaching duration min. 6 hours/day. Plus excursions. Lessons take place at the SNA Academic Campus. Various rooms are available for individual practical practice. We travel directly to the Ayurveda hospital for case discussions.
- Lunch buffet on the campus on the days of the lessons
- Tea and snacks during the days of the lessons
- Visit to a pharmacy where the various classical Ayurvedic medicines are prepared
- Visit to the hospital where the patients are admitted
- Tour guide and translation by Petra Wolfinger


Further costs (individual and not included in the tour price):

- Hotel in Thrissur - our recommendation or
our academy hotel and meeting point:
4* Dass Continental, single room (Deluxe) EUR 30,- / single room (Executive) EUR 36,- / double room (Deluxe) EUR 18,- / double room (Executive) EUR 22,-
All prices include breakfast and taxes.
We have reserved a contingent of rooms here.

Attention: Bookings of rooms / beds for the above-mentioned hotel selected by us exclusively through us! (If no partner can be found when booking a double room, the price for a single room will be charged.)

If you wish to book other hotels, please book them directly and do NOT book accommodation with us. Later cancellations or additions of rooms in the hotel 'Dass Continental' selected by us will result in cancellation or additional costs of EUR 50,- per hotel plus any surcharge for the difference to the possibly higher room price, if our contingent is exhausted.

Meeting point in Trissur for self-bookers then either the above-mentioned hotel, where our study leaders also stay. Hotel where our study leaders are staying or at the educational institution

Also extra:
* Transfer to the educational institution (organized by us only for the hotel 'Dass Oriental')
- Breakfast (usually included in the hotel price), dinner and catering on the days without classes
- Excursions to tourist attractions on the days off
- International return flight to India
- Visa fees
- Travel from/to the airport

Option: On the day of departure (23.02.) there is the possibility to get to know the old town of Cochin together with the tour guide, so that the return flight is then only scheduled from 24.02. onwards. All those taking part in the follow-up program "Food as Medicine" in Pune/Delhi will fly with the tour guide on the only direct flight from Cochin to Pune in the night from 23 to 24 February.

Flight recommendation:
With Vistara: Outbound flight from Frankfurt via Mumbai to Trissur on 13.02. at 20:30 h - arrival in Kochi (Cochin Airport) the following day at 14:15 h then by prepaid cab to Trissur (approx. 2 hours drive).

Note: Minimum number of participants 10 persons. In the unlikely event that the study trip does not take place, we will only refund the seminar fees paid to us, but not any booked tickets or visa fees. Please take out travel cancellation insurance.

Payment method:
Especially for this study trip: Deposit EUR 250,- plus final payment 4 weeks before departure. For technical reasons, this option cannot be displayed when you book online. In this case, please select prepayment and request this payment method in the notes field.


For further information, please contact the tour guide Petra Wolfinger via WhatsApp Call. Please contact her by email at to arrange an appointment. Or book your appointment directly online: Free advice on the study trip

For whom?

- Ayurvedic Massage Practitioners and Therapists
- Ayurvedic Health Practitioners as well as Medical Practitioners who practice massage/ or bodywork.

Price info

Seminar fee from € 999999

Please note the price information at the respective module dates.

Final payment

By invoice: Due 14 days before the start of the seminar

Your place of study in India

Thrissur Thaikat Mooss' SNA Oushadhasala was founded in 1920 by Unni Mooss and began as a production facility for classical Ayurvedic formulations. Over time, the range of services was expanded to include an Ayurvedic Panchakarma hospital offering traditional therapeutic treatments. The facility is also home to an Ayurveda academy run by the Unni Mooss Foundation.

The Unni Mooss Foundation has been actively involved in various forms of Ayurvedic education both in India and internationally for more than two decades. The Ayurveda Academy under its umbrella has attracted students from various countries like Italy, Germany, Russia, Sri Lanka and the Maldives. These students come to familiarize themselves with the profound concepts of Ayurveda and delve into the intricacies of Panchakarma therapies. The rich history of the institution and its commitment to Ayurvedic education make it a remarkable institution in this field.

Procedure and travel advice

Schedule of the study trip
A total of 7 days/ 56 units of 45 minutes each = at least 42 hours
plus excursions.

13.02. evening or 14.02.2024: Arrival in Thrissur/India, evening: Welcome and introductory meeting at the hotel
15.02. + 16.02.2024: Study program at the SNA Academic Campus in Thrissur, day 1 + 2
17.02.2024: Free day for excursions, temple visits or shopping
18.02. - 22.02.2024: Study program at the SNA Academic Campus in Thrissur, day 4 - 8, end approx. 17.00 h
23. 02.2024: Individual journey home or onward journey to Pune (with sightseeing in the beautiful old town of Cochin) for the study trip "Food as Medicine"


Further information on travel
We are happy to give you tips for your flight booking.

For example, Ethiad( or Quatar( fly directly to Kochi Airport via Dohar/Qatar or Vistara( fly the route Frankfurt - Mumbai, Mumbai - Kochi and back.

Our recommendation:
With Vistara: Outbound flight from Frankfurt via Mumbai to Trissur on 13.02. at 20:30 h - arrival in Kochi (Cochin Airport) the following day at 14:15 h then by prepaid cab to Trissur (approx. 2 hours' drive).


Visa and entry requirements
An electronic visa is generally required for India. Please apply in good time.

eVisafor India

Please check the current entry requirements before you apply, as these can change on a daily basis. Helpful links:

Federal Foreign Office

Immigration Department of the Indian Government

Indian Embassy in Berlin

At a glance

Required previous knowledge:
Ayurvedic Massage Practitioner

8 Days 80 learning hrs of which 42 hrs presence

from € 1080
Plus board and lodging if applicable

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