Seminars for beginners

The technical dimension of pulse reading

2 days PDE

Advanced seminars

Ayurvedic massage during pregnancy

3 days AMS

Anamnesis, counseling and practice strategies with case studies

3 days 3 days AUH

Curative Ayurvedic treatments and back therapy

3 days KAB

Pinda and Shiro - stamp massages, oil pours and head treatments

3 days KAP

Marma massage for the musculoskeletal system I

3 days MAR

The Being Dimensions of Pulse Reading

3 days PDS

Ayurvedic massage for hormone balance in women

3 days AMB

Marma therapy for the musculoskeletal system II

3 days MAT

Competence seminars

The practical dimension of pulse reading

3 days PDF

Intensive Trainings for specialization

International Ayurveda Symposium

7 days

Nadi Vigyan - the art of pulse reading

8 days

Study flexibly with the modular system

The educational program of the European Academy of Ayurveda is modular. So you are flexible: Decide for yourself how and when you want to learn Ayurveda.

Courses for Ayurveda beginners and experts

With each training module, you can see at a glance whether it teaches basic knowledge or deepens existing knowledge:

Modules to get started
Modules in progress
Competence modules
Completion of training

Learn online or on site

Presence seminar

Birstein, Berlin, Frankfurt, Vienna and Zurich - the Academy is where its participants are. In the Ayurveda classes on site you get first-hand knowledge, directly from the charismatic lecturers of the academy and in exchange with your fellow students.


In our webinars, you participate live and online in the classroom. You enter a virtual classroom via a professional, easy-to-use tool. There you can actively participate in the lessons and ask the instructor questions.


The alternative for all those who want to be completely flexible in terms of time and place: You learn via your notebook or tablet in self-study with videos, audio files and interactive manuscripts.

Choose your own dates

We often offer face-to-face and web seminars on different days of the year. So you're sure to find a date when you have time.

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Start immediately with an introductory seminar

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The modules of a training course can also be booked individually as a seminar. Like in a modular system, the modules fit together to form a training. This means for you:

  • You can initially participate in only one seminar and later have it credited to a training course.
  • Or you can select exactly those modules from a training course that are of interest to you.

Inform and register

You have questions?

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Visit info day - live or online

Lerne uns und Ayurveda kennen! An mehreren Terminen im Jahr laden wir dich zu einem offenen Campus ein, als virtuelles Event oder vor Ort in Birstein. Oder du kommst zu einem Infotreffen an unseren City Spots in Frankfurt, Wien, Zürich und Luzern.

Freue dich auf spannende Vorträge, eine Hausführung und natürlich Informationen rund um die Ausbildungen der Akademie. Einfach anmelden und kostenlos teilnehmen.

Training Ayurveda Nutrition

Ayurvedic nutrition lays the foundation for a long and healthy life with food and spices. Conversely, nutrition-related complaints can be effectively treated by means of a type-appropriate and individual health coaching and dietary therapy.

After all, more than half of all illnesses that restrict our quality of life and duration are due to incorrect nutrition. And in almost every disease process a change in diet is necessary to achieve long-term healing success.

At the European Academy for Ayurveda you study Ayurveda nutrition from the ground up. With our training courses you will gain a deep knowledge as well as comprehensive consulting skills for the loving support of your clients. Competent and committed lecturers guide you through the learning process and prepare you for a successful graduation and professional practice.