Interview with Mark Rosenberg, benefits and FAQs

Questions and answers about the cooperation between the European Academy for Ayurveda and the Heilpraktikerschule Lucerne

Mark Rosenberg, why did you enter into a cooperation with the HPS?

In the last 10 years, our academy and many of our lecturers have been intensively engaged in the recognition of Ayurvedic medicine and therapeutic methods within the framework of the professional training process towards federal recognition. I believe that without our many graduates who have been working successfully with Ayurveda for years, Ayurveda in Switzerland would not have been able to achieve the status it has now achieved: Namely, through the Association of Swiss Ayurvedic Physicians and Therapists/VSAMT as the only method to be represented in both new diploma professions with a federally recognized degree. Teaching people into these professions and vocations is a responsible task to which we as an academy would like to continue to dedicate ourselves in a committed and professional manner. Our main focus on this path to the profession has always been the method of Ayurveda itself - the core of those trainings - and less the now firmly associated parts of conventional medicine and Tronc Commun (specific practice subjects such as practice management, health and ethics as well as psychology and communication). In addition, extensive internships and examinations have to be organized. All of this requires the appropriate competence and the appropriate space. The HPS Luzern offers both. Furthermore, we got to know the HPS Luzern as an innovative school and also personally Ulrike & Peter von Blarer as well as Hein Zalokar, who represent the management of the school, convinced us of their school concept. We were also on the same wavelength right from the start when it came to implementing the requirements of the OdAs. It was clear to us that this strong partnership would enable us to achieve our desired goal: to continue to offer the best Ayurveda training courses in Switzerland. And then the time had come, the first jointly organized training courses with the HPS towards the diploma started in Lucerne in 2015, and these are even supported by the canton! We are very happy about that.

What are the most important advantages of the cooperation for you?

One clear advantage is the creation of synergies by combining the Ayurveda and teaching expertise of the European Academy of Ayurveda with the naturopathic and administrative experience of the HPS. In addition, the premises specially adapted for Ayurveda in the new school building of the HPS in Ebikon offer ideal conditions for all our training blocks. Thus we can teach the massage as well as the counselling modules in one place. Hein Zalokar and his trained team of the Heilpraktikerschule Luzern also take care of the registration and consultation for the training Dipl. Complementary Therapist - Ayurveda Therapy (with its included short training courses 'Ayurveda Massage Practitioner' and ' Ayurveda Health and Nutrition Consultant' as well as the study consultation for the training towards the Dipl. Naturopath - specialisation Ayurveda Medicine. But it is quite clear: The Ayurveda training itself lies as since then in the experienced hand of the European Academy for Ayurveda with its well-known and good lecturers.

There are also courses such as phytotherapy, psychology or yoga, which continue to be offered in Zurich and not in cooperation with the HPS. Why is that?

The cooperation with the HPS is mainly due to quality assurance and spatial feasibility in the context of the future federal Ayurveda diplomas. As a school we remain with our secretariat at Sempacherstrasse in Zurich and organise important further training courses with guest speakers from India and Europe from there. Also those special Ayurveda trainings, which complement the variety of topics around the federal professions, are organized from Zurich and also held there. Furthermore, there is of course the possibility for all interested Swiss students to participate in our program online as a webinar or in the eAcademy.

Advantages of the cooperation for our students:

Infrastructure: The Heilpraktikerschule Luzern has new, ideal premises for all training blocks.

Training subsidies: As a state-recognised school, scholarships of up to 30% (CHF 18,000) are awarded for training at the HPS.

Modular training structure: offers even more flexibility for planning your own training.

Concentrated competence: The cooperation combines competence and experience at all levels. The European Academy of Ayurveda brings its knowledge and experience in Ayurveda and teaching design, the HPS Lucerne brings its experience in administration and naturopathy.

Organization of internships: The completion of internships is a new important part of the new diploma training KT and AM and also here the possibilities and contacts of the REAA as well as the didactic structures developed at the HPS form the basis for an innovative synthesis, so that the required practical experience remains didactically accompanied, varied and exciting.


At which school do I complete my training? At the Heilpraktikerschule Luzern or at the European Academy for Ayurveda?

Nothing changes with existing contracts. Here you remain a student of the REAA. If you are then enrolled in the new diploma training, you will complete your training within the framework of a project partnership with both schools together. The awarded certificates will also contain both school logos.

What will change for me as an existing student at the European Academy of Ayurveda?

All massage, therapy and nutrition modules will now be taught in Ebikon. The training courses already completed or the lessons completed at the REAA will be fully recognised and credited when registering for the diploma training. Registration and course guidance for complementary therapists (KT) and naturopaths (AM) is now available from the Heilpraktikerschule Luzern, Mr Hein Zalokar.

Which modules will still take place in Zurich?

See here.

Is it still possible to attend only individual seminars?

Yes, in principle this is still possible, however, as before, not for all modules: If the seminars are part of the training towards the federal diploma, the registration takes place via the HPS. For all other further education and training courses in Zurich, Rebekka Heckendorn advises and books our interested parties and students.

Who is my contact person for invoices, registration confirmations and other administrative questions?

Hein Zalokar and his team at the Heilpraktikerschule Luzern are at your disposal for questions and for the processing of new registrations for training courses leading to the diploma. Personal advice, which may be a logical and good step in your Ayurveda career, you can still discuss with Mark & Kerstin Rosenberg, with Rebekka Heckendorn, Ingelore Weidner or also the lecturers of the REAA. We remain available for all our Ayurveda students and are looking forward to good conversations with you.

Who is responsible for the training content and the selection of the teachers?

The European Academy of Ayurveda will continue to be fully responsible for the training content for the specialist method of Ayurveda.

Will the European Academy of Ayurveda remain in Zurich?

Yes, the European Academy of Ayurveda will keep its office at Sempacherstrasse 48 in Zurich. From there, important further training courses with guest speakers from India and Europe will be organised, as well as all those training courses that complement the offer around the federal recognition.