Ayurveda trainings and seminars in Switzerland

Study Ayurveda in Lucerne and Zurich

Switzerland is considered a pioneer in alternative medicine: In 2015, it created recognized professions in complementary therapy and medicine.

As a result, there are now two state-recognized Ayurvedic professions with a federal diploma: Naturopath in Ayurvedic Medicine and Complementary Therapist in Ayurvedic Therapy. The European Academy of Ayurveda accompanies its students on their way to these new professional goals - in cooperation with the Heilpraktikerschule Luzern, one of the leading schools of naturopathy in Switzerland.

For those who are not aiming for a federal diploma, there are training courses in Ayurveda nutrition or massage, as well as a wide range of seminars at the Lucerne and Zurich locations.




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Interview with Mark Rosenberg

Questions and answers about the cooperation between the European Academy of Ayurveda and the Heilpraktikerschule Lucerne

Mark Rosenberg, why did you enter into a cooperation with the HPS?

In the last 10 years our academy, and with it many of our lecturers, has been intensively engaged in the recognition of Ayurvedic medicine and therapeutic methods within the framework of the professional training process towards federal recognition. I believe that without our many graduates who have been working successfully with Ayurveda for years, Ayurveda would not have been able to achieve the status it has now achieved in Switzerland.

Portrait Mark Rosenberg

Ayurveda trainings for the federal diploma

Naturopath in Ayurvedic Medicine (Federal Diploma)

This practical training leads you to the new profession of "Swiss Certified Naturopath - Ayurvedic Medicine". It is aimed at all those who would like to apply Ayurvedic medicine at the highest level.

Complementary therapist in Ayurveda therapy (federal diploma)

This professional training is aimed at people who would like to work as independent complementary therapists in the future. You will acquire comprehensive knowledge in the areas of Ayurvedic nutrition, massage and Ayurvedic counselling skills combined with intensive practical training.

Ayurveda has had a lasting impact on my life. After a life change, I came across Ayurveda in 2019. After a Panchakarma cure, I wanted to learn more about Ayurveda and registered for the training courses "Nutrition and Health Advisor" and "Psychological Ayurveda Advisor" right at the beginning of 2020. I have already successfully completed the health advisor. Already today I actively implement Ayurveda in my profession as a coach and mental trainer and enrich many customers with my knowledge and personal experience. REAA is a great training institute and spa. The competence about Ayurveda spread over many heads is almost infinite. Every conversation is an inspiration in itself. The atmosphere is special and gives a lot of strength and energy.

Daniel Kneubühl Coach, Photographer, Ayurveda Nutrition and Health Consultant

Learn Ayurvedic cooking in Zurich

Ayurvedic cooking - regional, vegetarian, vegan

Ayurvedic healing cuisine: gluten and lactose free

Professional Ayurvedic cuisine - Panchakarma and light diet

Info meeting in Switzerland

Info meeting in Zurich

Twice a year we organize Ayurveda Info Events in Zurich with information about the trainings and cures in Switzerland and Germany.

Info events in Lucerne

We regularly organize an information event together with the Heilpraktikerschule Luzern, as a cooperating and partnering school in the Ayurveda trainings.