The study course Ayurveda Medicine

Overview of the overall study program

The in-service study of Ayurvedic medicine is a personal path of development and discovery that leads to a new way of thinking and medical perception. It is suitable for doctors, members of other healing professions with therapeutically oriented professional experience and alternative practitioners .

Authentic Ayurveda Curriculum

The aim is to acquire this unique Ayurveda qualification in Europe, which enables all those entitled to practise medicine to use Ayurveda medicine to its full extent within the framework of the local health system. The underlying curriculum has been peer-reviewed by renowned Ayurveda professors and represents the essence of university Ayurveda training in India (BAMS). The curriculum is based on the standards of the content developed under the umbrella of WHO for Ayurveda studies and deliberately goes beyond it in some areas.

Our team of lecturers consists of professors from leading Indian universities as well as experienced doctors, Ayurvedic therapists, alternative practitioners and Indologists who are shaping modern Ayurveda in India and Europe.

Part-time study

Through a sensible combination of block seminars, self-study and practical training , the course of study can be ideally combined with other professional activities. A flexible study plan enables adjustments to be made to the respective current life situation. Accordingly, the studies can also be implemented more slowly if personal time planning makes it necessary. Practical relevance and the joy of trying things out on one's own body make the Ayurveda course a life-changing experience that opens up completely new perspectives for therapeutic work.

University Partner

  • J.S. Ayurveda College, Nadiad, India
  • All India Institute of Ayurveda - apex institute of Ayurevda science, Delhi, India
  • Endowed Professorship for Clinical Naturopathy, Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Michalsen, Charité University Medicine Berlin


The four-year course is divided into two parts and is complemented by clinical internships in India and Europe as well as intensive home study. We accompany you very personally and support you in developing your practical therapy skills.

  1. Basic study of Ayurveda Medicine (FAH) or Certified Advanced Medical Training (FAM)
  2. Advanced studies of Ayurvedic Medicine (HAM) + practical training

Both study sections can be booked individually.

The main focus of the basic studies is on learning the basics of Ayurveda, Ayurvedic diagnostics, phytotherapy, manual therapy, methods of elimination, psychology and practice integration. As a "Specialized Course in Ayurvedic Medicine" (FAH / FAM), it is a self-contained study section with a certificate, which enables the participant to expand his medical practice with Ayurvedic therapeutic procedures and to use Ayurveda integratively.

The main course (HAM) enables graduates to use Ayurveda as a therapeutic system for the comprehensive treatment of even complex diseases and promotes the practical as well as scientific use of Ayurveda. An internship is an integral part of the main course.


Part Module Content Lessons à 60 min. Days
1 10 Basics and phytotherapy 92 11
1 11 Manual therapy 1 & drainage procedures 92 11
1 12 Philosophy, Nutrition & Practice Integration 66 8
Intermediate Examination "Medicine. Ayurveda Specialist 4 1
Subtotal Part 1 254
2 20 Clinical Medicine & Manual Therapy 2 83 10
2 21 Clinical Medicine & Yoga Psychology 75 9
2 22 Clinical Medicine Practice Integration & Research 92 11
Subtotal Part 2 250
3 30 Internship Rosenberg Ayurveda Health Resort Birstein 120 10
3 31 Internship P.D. Patel Ayurveda Hospital Nadiad (India) 240 20
Subtotal internship 360
Final Examination Study of Ayurvedic Medicine 6 1
Total teaching and supervised internship 870 hrs. 92
Supervised study hours & exam preparation 1210 hrs.
Learning hours complete 2080 hrs.