Ayurveda Basis for Physicians - Constitution and Healing Science

This Ayurveda basic course in two parts is the foundation of every medically and therapeutically oriented training at the European Academy of Ayurveda. This module is designed for medical practitioners and also addresses the use of Ayurveda in European (medical) practices.

The seminar provides an overview of the overall structure of Ayurvedic teachings. You will get to know Ayurveda from its classical side and be introduced to ancient Indian thought.

Using a wealth of examples, the basic course establishes a practical connection to our life situation and highlights the behaviors in our everyday lives that disrupt our balance. In addition to the theoretical basics, the seminar also offers important practical information. You will learn how to determine your Ayurvedic constitution, health-preserving measures and receive an initial introduction to diagnostic procedures and nutritional science.

The basic course for medical practitioners contains additional content that addresses the integration of Ayurveda into modern medicine.

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- Theoretical and practical introduction to the concept of the Ayurvedic theory of constitution (prakriti)
- Introduction to diagnostics in Ayurveda: models of patient examination
- three-fold examination (trividha-pariksha)
- six-fold examination (shadvidha-pariksha)
- eight-fold examination (ashtavidha-pariksha)
- Introduction to the Ayurvedic concepts of health maintenance (svasthavritta):
- Dinacarya: daily routine measures and order therapy
- Ritucarya: recommendations for a lifestyle adapted to the seasons
- Rasayana: measures that strengthen and counteract the ageing process
- Vajikarana: Measures to increase potency and improve the quality of egg and sperm cells
- Ahara: Introduction to Ayurvedic food science
- Concept of the 6 tastes (shadrasa)
- Introduction to Ayurvedic symptomatology:
- Symptoms of the doshas
- Symptoms of the tissues (dhatus), excretory products (mala), transportation spaces (srotas)
- Introduction to the rational, psychic and subtle therapeutic approaches (yuktivyapashraya, sattvavajaya, daivavyapashraya)
- Detailed breakdown of rational therapy
- Introduction to pancakarma therapies

Additional content in the basic course for medical practitioners:
- Live eWorkshop: Integration of Ayurveda into modern medicine
- eCourse "Practical examples for doctors": Irritable bowel syndrome - combination of Western medicine and Ayurveda

For whom?

This seminar was developed as an introduction to Ayurvedic medicine and is aimed specifically at people who already have extensive medical knowledge, especially
- doctors and physicians
- Heilpraktiker*innen
* pharmacists*innen
* nurses*innen
and members of other health professions.

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Seminar fee from € 625

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By invoice: Due 14 days before the start of the seminar

CME points

As a physician, you can earn CME points for this module so far (as of 2021, a renewed application is underway).

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Required previous knowledge:

3 Days 45 learning hrs of which 22,5 hrs presence
3 Days 45 learning hrs of which 22,5 hrs live-webinar
43 Lessons 45 learning hrs of which 8 hrs live-webinar

from € 625
Plus board and lodging if applicable

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